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The Late Huell Howser's Visits to the San Fernando Valley

With the recent passing of Huell Howser who started the wildly popular TV show, California's Gold, I thought it would be appropriate to highlight the SFV sites visited by Howser on his show California's Gold, Visiting...With Huell Howser, California's Mission, and California's Green

Howser's visits to various sites throughout California was like watching a kid in a room packed with Christmas presents. His curiosity, appreciation, and love for all things Cali including some of the sites that seemed rather boring and uninviting is what attracted us all to his show. On top of that, we became addicted to his shows waiting to see what was the next hidden gem in Cali like the Livermore Fire Dept. 107 year old and counting light bulb.  

Howser attracted a variety of fans like Simpsons' Creator Matt Groening who included him on two epsiodes of the Simspons. Groening recently spoke on Howser's retirement last December on 89.3 KPCCs: 
Groening is a fan of Howser because of his optimism, of course; that howser can get genuinely and completely enthused by an artichoke festival. He loves the show's production requres minimal editing and even fewer cuts--a refeshing change. But most of all, said Groening, Huell is an irreplaceable California icon: "He's beloved. And people like to say that, 'yeah, he's beloved.' But he's even more beloved than that."

Below is a list of SFV sites visited by Huell Howser. This is by no means a definitive list so let me know if there was an epsiode that I missed to add to this list. 

California's Gold
California's Gold #304 - SINGING COWBOYS - 1992 (This epsiode does not visit a SFV site but rather visits two famous western stars from Chatsworth

Huell meets the famous western duo, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, (and Trigger) and hear them sing their trademark song; then he meets Herb Jeffries who starred in black westerns in the late 1930s; and watch the festive 17th Annual Black Cowboy Parade in Oakland. Watch here.

California's Gold #809 - WIND - 1998 - Burbank

Some people like it -- to others, it's a nuisance. Something "to come in out of." But like it or not, everyone would agree it's been a part of the history of California since the very beginning. We're talking about wind. And on this particular adventure, host Huell Howser goes in search of some of the most historic and strongest wind around. 

First stop is the back lot of the famous Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank where Huell takes a look at some wind machines used in movie production, and learns they've been a part of our movie legacy since the very early silent films. The special-effects people even crank up some of the machines for a demonstration of just how much force they can create. 

California's Gold #5012 - BARNS - 2003 - Griffith Park

Before Disneyland, Walt Disney’s enthusiasm for realistic model trains had evolved into an elaborate backyard live steam railroad. At the heart of his railroad was a quaint red barn, which was his center of operations. Now at home in Griffith Park in Los Angles, the barn is a gem in the collection of the Los Angeles Live Steamers, an organization of train enthusiasts dedicated to educating people in railroad history and lore, and to further the avocation of live steam, gas-mechanical and electronic railroad technology. Huell tours the barn and hears stories of Disney’s passion for trains which many people say fueled his vision for his theme parks.

California's Gold #6009 - SIDECARS - 2004 - Griffith Park

A visit to the 31st Griffith Park Sidecar Rally.

California's Gold #9008 - PET CEMETERY - 2007 - Calabasas

Huell goes in search of some of our most permanent residents in this episode of California's Gold. We'll see where some of TV & Film's most famous animals are resting in peace... and many of them are not where you would think!
Join us as we visit Toto from the 'Wizard Of Oz', Old Blue - one of the first animal stars of the silver screen, Arnold the Pig from 'Green Acres', the irresistibly scrappy Benji the dog, Pete from 'Our Gang', and many more....

Visiting...With Huell Howser
Visiting...With Huell Howser #113 - CSUN DISABILITY SERVICES - 1993 - Northridge

Meet with students and teachers in the disability services program offered at California State University, Northridge. Discover the interesting options the disabled students have at their disposal on this unique campus.

Visiting...With Huell Howser #115 - TREES - 1993 - Northridge

First we spend some time at the Historic Orange Grove at Cal. State Northridge. It is one of the last remaining groves in the area, a treasure that the university is anxious to preserve. Next we visit the fabulous Rain Forest at Paradise Canyon Elementary School in La Canada. Here the first grade class has demonstrated their impressive knowledge by creating a rain forest right in the classroom

Visiting...With Huell Howser #205 - EARTHQUAKE SPECIAL - 1994 - Northridge

Huell spends the day touring Los Angeles in the aftermath of the Northridge earth-quake. This is an inspirational look at why people love Los Angeles and, in the midst of devastation, refuse to leave. Watch here.

Visiting...With Huell Howser #207 - EARTHQUAKE VOLUNTEERS - 1994 - Northridge

Huell spends the day in Northridge with the City Volunteers. Paul Petersen, safety engineer, acts as Huell's guide on this inspiring visit. Find out why people volunteer and how this disaster has brought out the best in Southern California.

Visiting...With Huell Howser #706 - NETHERCUTT COLLECTION - 1999 - Sylmar

Huell gets a tour of the incredible Nethercutt collection, a great hidden gem of our city. Over 100 classic cars, an amazing collection of vintage musical instruments, from a self playing banjo to the worlds first computerized pipe organ, and some of the finest French furniture and collectibles in the city. Open to the public for free, this is one tour you won't want to miss. Watch here.

Visiting...With Huell Howser #803 - LUTEFISK - 2000 - Van Nuys

It seems the most unlikely food to build a celebration around, but Huell partakes in the annual Scandinavian rite of passage —Lutefisk. At the Sons of Norway Lodge in Van Nuys, Huell watches as members transform smelly, dried, leathery fish into a warm entr*e. Luckily for some members, there are Swedish meatballs, Norwegian bread, and sweets in addition to the fish. Watch here.

Visiting...With Huell Howser #934 - HUMMINGBIRDS - 2001 - Woodland Hills

Huell visits the Los Angeles Co. Natural History Museum and the lush back yard of a Woodland Hills resident to learn about hummingbirds in Southern California. Watch here.

Visiting...With Huell Howser #942 - INSPIRING STORIES - 2001 - Northridge

Huell talks with Alan Cronin, his family and other patients at Northridge Hospital Medical Center’s rehabilitation center and hears their positive insights. Watch here.

Visiting...With Huell Howser #1017 - LUCKY BALDWIN RAILCAR - 2002 - Sylmar
Lucky Baldwin was one of the great characters of Southern California history during the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. He was a pioneer and real estate tycoon who owned the land that would become Arcadia, Monrovia and Baldwin Hills. With his vast wealth, one of the luxuries he indulged in was a grand railcar for traveling. Huell gets a special tour of this lavish car that housed a full staff, sleeping quarters, dining area, kitchen and music room.

Visiting...With Huell Howser #1033 - MUNCH BOX - 2003 - Chatsworth

Huell visits The Munch Box in Chatsworth, a popular burger stand that has been around since 1956 and is now officially a historic-cultural landmark. Watch here.

Visiting...With Huell Howser #1106 - CHATSWORTH - 2003 - Chatsworth

Huell visits five historically significant locations in Chatsworth which include Olive Trees, a Pioneer Church, Stoney Point and a barn that was home to TV's Mr. Ed. He ends at Homestead Acre, home to the Chatsworth Historical Society.

Visiting...With Huell Howser #1117 - LAPD MOTORCYCLES - 2004 - Granada Hills

Huell attends the LAPD Motorcycle Training Facility in Granada Hills. Watch here.

Visiting...With Huell Howser #1503 - NETHERCUTT UPDATE - 2007 - Sylmar

This one-hour special takes us inside the Nethercutt Collection and Museum in Sylmar to see their world-class collection of automobiles, musical instruments and other items.

Visiting...With Huell Howser #1702 - LEONIS ADOBE - 2010 - Calabasas

Huell and a group of schoolchildren go back in time to the early 1800s, when the day's chores included blacksmithing, cow-roping, and winemaking. We look inside the ranch and home of San Fernando Valley businessman Miguel Leonis, a hidden treasure which was nearly demolished in the 1960s and has become the state's Historical Landmark Number One.

Visiting...With Huell Howser #1718 - TALLYRAND - 2010 - Burbank
Huell visits a California institution and digs into some very tasty food at the Tallyrand. This popular eatery got its start in 1959 when Al and Delores Thomas, with $5,000 in hand, opened a small coffee shop on Olive Avenue in Burbank. Stop in today as they are still serving wonderful food and hospitality!

California's Green #127 - VINTAGE ELECTRIC CARS - 2007 - Sylmar
Huell visits the Nethercut Museum in Sylmar to see the very first electric cars which were manufactured in the early 20th century.

California Missions #102 - CALIFORNIA MISSIONS - 2000 - San Fernando 

Huell visits these three Missions in this episode:
San Gabriel de Arcangel
San Fernando Rey de Espana
San Buenaventura

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