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Carmegeddon and The San Fernando Valley: Everything You Need To Know

Starting this weekend at 10 PM Friday, July 15th through 5 AM Monday July 18, the 405 Freeway between the 10 and 101 will be closed to demolish the south side of the Mulholland Bridge in what has been termed CARMAGEDDON Weekend. Additionally, on-ramps to the 405 between the 10 and 101 will begin closing at 7 PM on Friday. The kicker here is that for each 10 minutes that the freeway is not returned for use on Monday morning, the contractor is fined $6,000 or $72,000 per hour in penalities.
By now I am sure you have heard about this weekend with all the media attention, celebrities tweeting, and freeway signs posted 24/7. I dont remember a time when something like this occurred so I have two burning questions regarding this weekend that I guess will be answered come Monday. The best part about this whole project is that we get to relive it next year around the same time. So hopefully its not as painful.
  1. How many people are unaware about this shutdown or will forget about it over the weekend? Will visitors from other states and countries arriving at LAX who heading over to the Valley aware of the shutdown? How good is the communication of shutdown at car rentals/shuttles and in general for visitors? Also, what about truck drivers hauling in a load from up North traveling down the 405 into the Westside? Are they aware of the shutdown and alternative routes? Also, what about the late night group partying in the Westside and coming home to the Valley or vice versa. Will they remember about the shutdown seeking alternatives or even better to stay completely away?
  2. With the busiest freeway shutdown, what is the spillover effect onto nearby freeways and streets? Will the 101, 5, and 10 (and other freeways), be able to carry the "load" effectively or will those freeways become a living hell. The same applies to streets and major thoroughfares like Ventura, Wilshire, Sepulveda, Sunset, etc.
With that said, I thought I present some alternatives for hanging out in the San Fernando Valley assuming you didnt plan a getaway vacation. If for some reason, you have to travel over to the westside for work, special occassion like a marriage, or moving (I was told of a person who is actually moving from Encino to Brentwood this weekend, no joke), god be with you. One of the rather interesting things to come about because of Carmegeddon was Jetblue offering a $4 plane ride round trip from Long Beach to Burbank which takes about 20 minutes. This option is no longer available since it sold out in a hurry. Maybe this is the future of travel in L.A. 

For the rest, here are 5 ideas for things to do in the Valley if you are not the homebody type and need to get out. Also check out 11 Micro-Itineraries For The San Fernando Valley by Christopher Reynolds of the L.A. Times.
  1. Friday Night: relive the 50's car hop experience and have dinner at Bob's Big Boy in Toluca Lake, Northridge, or Sun Valley. Afterwards, enjoy the free classic car show. The classic car show is on Friday's from 5 - 10 PM and the car hop service is on Saturday and Sundays from 5 - 10 PM. If you have the choice, the Bob's Big Boy in Toluca Lake is the original and authentic location which incorpates the googie architecture of the 50's discussed in many blog posts. The other locations are just as suitable but the Toluca Lake location makes you feel like you are an in episdoe of Happy Days. If Bobs Bigy Boy is not your thing, I recommend attending a local bar, movie theater, comedy club, or night club. Or you can visit City Walk at Universal Studios and attend one of the above. 
  2. On Saturday, enjoy Universal Studios with the newest and redone King Kong exhibit (I actually havent seen this yet, so let me know how it is) amongst the other popular shows and rides.  I wish they never got rid of Miami Vice. For those who live near the orange line, the MTA is offering free rides, so you dont have to worry about driving and parking. 
  3. On Sunday, enjoy sites of historical significance such as the San Fernando Mission, Los Encinos State Historic Park (which might be closing down due to budget cuts), Leonis Adobe Museum, and Andres Pico Adobe. Before heading out to one of these locations, check the times. 
  4. In addition to the above and going off #3, the Valley has some 84 historical cultural monuments ranging from trees to houses to Post Offices to Museums. If the San Fernando Valley past interests you, I recommend visiting the Things To Do page of this blog which has an interactive map of these historical sites including a picture, link to site, and background info. Additionally, there are links to other things to do in the Valley.
  5. Lastly and in addition to the above, the San Fernando Valley has become a pseudo studio for TV and Movies. Numerous filming locations are located in the Valley. If you enjoy seeing the actual filming location, I recommend three that had significant presence in the Valley and have become well known. Back To The Future in Arleta/Burbank/Universal Studios, E.T. in Granada Hills/Porter Ranch, and Karate Kid in Burbank/Encino/Reseda/Woodland Hills.
  6. I know I only said 5, but I just remembered one that is fun, free, and time fulfilling in addition to healthy which is a local hike. The Santa Monica and Santa Susana Mountains boast great hiking trails. You can learn more at
For other great sources check the following:

Zev Yaroslavsky, LA County Supervisor for the Third District which includes the entire San Fernando Valley and the Westside has the following:
The Metro website has the following:

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