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[Update]:San Fernando Valley Youth Excelling In All Walks of Life

[Update: July 14, 2011]: Another San Fernando Valley Youth reported by Studio City Patch was Amy Weissenbach of Harvard-Westlake High won the Gatorade National Track & Field Athlete of the Year award. She had achieved a national federation record in the 800 meters competition at the CIF state finals in June.

Originally Posted on  June 24, 2011 at 9:00 AM PST:
In popular culture, the mention of the the San Fernando Valley conjures up immediate descriptions of Porn Capital of the World, Valley Girls with their Valspeak, and is considered second rate to the Westside. While these stereotypes may be true, they suggest that Valley residents are incompetent, lazy, sexually promiscuous, airheads, etc. It just occurred to me that something remarkable happened in the San Fernando Valley in the past couple of months that refutes these negative connotations.

Despite all the negative news you hear everyday of robberies, murders, fraud, etc occurring in the San Fernando Valley, the Youth have stepped it up big time this past year. Take note of the following
  1. Granada Hills Charter High School won the National Academic Decathlon in April
  2. San Fernando High School Baseball won the L.A. City Section championship beating Chatsworth, neighboring city in the SFV in June
  3. Alyssa Campbell of Sherman Oaks (although she was born and raised in New Jersey) was crowned Miss USA in June.
I am sure I missed other achievements that occurred during the past school year but this is what I can remember at the moment so I mean no disrespect. If you ask me, this is quite a set of accomplishments for the SFV to be proud of. Parents, teachers, coaches, mentors, etc are playing a significant role in the lives of the San Fernando Valley youth and their hard work and dedication can be seen from the list above. Keep in mind this is happening in the face of high unemployment, massive cutbacks in the school systems, and a housing market in the dumps.

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