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Dr.Dre's Homes in The SFV and Beyond

Today, we look at Dr.Dre's many homes owned today and in the past. As was discussed with Suge Knight, Tupac, and Easy-E, Dr. Dre also started his buying roots in the West SFV. This post will also look at Dre's properties outside LA as he has acquired more with his wealth growing from the Beats company which was just sold to Apple. Dr.Dre shares his properties with his wife, Nicole Kendra Young, who was previously married to Sedale Threatt, a Los Angeles Lakers player in the 90's

Mountain View Estates, Calabasas (shown above). The home measures 5 Beds/5 Baths on 4,778 sqft on a total lot size of 14,462 sqft. Dr. Dre purchased on April 19, 1991 for $1 million. This home is also located in the same gated community and literally one block away from Jerry Heller (manager for NWA) and Easy-E's former home. Coincidentally, all three purchased around the same time with Heller on February 26, 1991 and Easy-E on January 8, 1991 which was also the year that Dr. Dre broke away from Easy-E and the NWA to start Death Row Records with Suge Knight.

Michael J. Fox and Nancy Travis in front of Dre's former Monteria Estates home in the film, Greedy
Monteria Estates, Chatsworth (shown above). The home measures 6 Beds/7 Baths on 11,235 sqft on a total lot size of 7.8 acres built in 1986. Dr. Dre purchased on May 6, 1996 for $3,175,000 and sold to former LA Maryor Richard Riordan at a $400K loss for $2,775,000 on March 6, 2000. Not sure why Dr. Dre sold for a loss because by the year 2000, he had already separated from Death Row Records and formed his successful production company, Aftermath Entertainment in 1996. So financially, he should have been in a good position unless there was a special circumstance. This home was also used exclusively in the 1994 Michael J. Fox and Kirk Douglas film, Greedy, as Joe McTeague's mansion as well as in the 1990 film, Side Out

Pacific Coast, Malibu (shown above). The home measures 6 Beds/7 Baths on 8,843 sqft on a total lot size of 6,990 sqft built in 1993. Dr. Dre purchased on May 28, 1998 for $4,085,000. Surprisingly, the land next door is owned by Donald Sterling. 

Westchester County Estates, Woodland Hills (shown above). The home measures 8 Beds/6 Baths on 13,748 sqft on a total lot size of 0.57 acres built in 1987. Dr. Dre purchased on May 10, 1999 for $2,375,000.

Chatham Court Gated Community, Palmdale (shown above). The home measures 4 Beds/3 Baths on 2,752 sqft on a total lot size of 0.46 acres built in 1994. Dr. Dre purchased on September 17, 2002 for $319,000 and sold on April 16, 2009 for $335,000. Not sure why Dr. Dre purchased all the way out in Palmdale but maybe this was for family or an investment property. 

Images courtesy Westside Estate Agency
Birds Streets, Hollywood Hills (shown above). The home measures 6 Beds/9 Baths on 9,696 sqft on a total lot size of 0.74 acres built in 2001. Dr. Dre purchased on December 21, 2011 for $15,400,000 and sold on January 30, 2015 for $32 million or more than double profit at $16.6 million. The listing description states: 
Without question, the best View estate in the city. Perched atop a promontory and gated at the end of a cul-de-sac, this home has a jetliner 300 degree vista with lights sparkling from downtown to the Pacific Ocean. With a flat, expansive, grassy yard, infinity edge pool - all overlooking the most striking views and setting in Los Angeles. Completely rebuilt in 2001, featuring 6 bedrooms, 9 baths, library/media, den, guest house, and wine cellar, all in total serenity. Shown to pre-qualified buyers only.

Hidden Hills (shown above). 5 acre land purchase on October 23, 2012 for $10,500,000 which was blogged on this site here. As of this writing, dont know if Dr. Dre starting building a home on this prime real estate or its still undeveloped land that boasts Jessica Simpson as a neighbor. 

Image courtesy Westside Estate Agency
Brentwood County Estates, Brentwood. The home measures 5 Beds/4 Baths on 14,317 sqft on a total lot size of 5.2 acres. This home was previously purchased by Tom Brady on August 20, 2008 for $11.750 million who built a brand new home that was sold to Dr.Dre on May 30, 2014 for $40 million just as construction was nearing completion. The Realestalker Variety covered this property in more detail and more pics here.

You can read about West Coast Gangsta Rap influence in the SFV in a 2 part post titled "Straight Outta West SFV" with Part A focusing on Can-Am Recorders studio in Tarzana which later became the home of Death Row Records. and Part B explores the possible role that the West SFV had on West Coast Gangsta Rap. 

You can read more SFV Celebrity R.E. and BTTF series here and here respectively. 

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