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Celeb R.E.: Iggy Azalea and Nick Young Purchase Selena Gomez's Tarzana Renovated Home

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The always hilarious Your Mama at the Realestalker Variety revealed that the buyer of Selena Gomez's Tarzana home is today's hottest couple, Nick Young and Iggy Azalea (you can view more details about the posting here). I am not sure how the Realestalker got this info as it was not easy to find which was shielded behind a trust with Young's mother listed as the trustee and the trust named after a reference to MC Hammer. 

Young is a Los Angeles Laker who played high school ball at Reseda's Cleveland high school so this purchase is sort of like a homecoming. Azalea is an up and coming Australian rapper who has spent very little time in the SFV so she will need to adapt to the culture. 

Young and Azalea are constantly on the run between basketball games and touring so there might be small glimpses of the two hanging out at the local Cupids Hot Dogs, Chuck E Cheese, or IHOP during the off-seasons. In the meantime, you can catch some racy pics of the couple in a March 2014 GQ article

The couple, although not married, paid asking price of $3,450,000 on September 30, 2014 leaving Gomez with a $1,275,000 profit not factoring in commissions, taxes, and renovation expenses. Regardless of the expenses, that is one heck of a profit in roughly 3 years! Prior to the Tarzana home, Gomez was living in an Encino rental. After the Tarzana home, she purchased a Calabasas gated mansion. 

Prior to the Tarzana home, Nick Young was renting a Sherman Oaks home that made national headlines after he was robbed of $100K in jewelry, clothing, electronics, and special shoes in March 2014. I wasnt able to find the Sherman Oaks rental but I did find a Northridge/Porter Ranch home linked to Nick Young that was purchased on October 19, 2007 for $799K but I cannot confirm. 

On a side note, this home is directly across the street from the Dr. A.E. Abdun-Nur Residence designed by Paul Williams. Williams is an African-American architect best known for designing the LAX Airport Theme building. 

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