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New Store Closings for 2013: Camera Craft, Fallbrook Laemmle 7 Theaters, and Van Nuys Army & Navy Surplus Store

The end of 2012 brought a list of notable stores closing down to usher in the 2013 year. The new year has unfortunately not been any kinder as there are still store closings from notable places in the SFV.

Camera Craft located at 4800 Lankershim Blvd North Hollywood has been in business since 1947. Nancy Crawford who inherited the business from her father who first started the establishment is retiring. The property was purchased by Gina Pickens, the wife of Grey's Anatomy star, James Pickens Jr, who plan to convert the place into a restaurant/bakery as reported by North Hollywood-Toluca Lake Patch. This article first appeard on February 21, 2013 and closed around the end of February. 

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The Van Nuys Army Navy Surplus store located at 6179 Van Nuys Blvd Van Nuys should be closed by the time you read this. It was first established in 1950 and was popular with celebrities. It was also featured in an episode of 80's TV show, Scarecrow and Mrs. King. The loss of this site was first reported by Here in Van Nuys.
Image courtesy Yelp.
From the 80's TV Show, Scarecrow and Mrs King. Image courtesy Scarecrow And Mrs King Forum
The Laemmle 7 Theatre at Fallbrook Center Mall located at 6731 Fallbrook Avenue West Hills closed at the end of February. However, the lease was taken over by AMC Theatres so not too much of a loss here except for the name. I remember watching Jurassic Park here and so was excited that I even wore a Jurassic Park t-shirt.
Image coutesy Jeff_Soffer Flickr

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