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Granada Hills Academic Decathlon Team Wins For Third Time In A Row

The Granada Hills Charter High School team has done it again for the third time in a row, winning the national championship which is simply unheard of in 2013 (2011 & 2012). Congrats to the team and I am wondering what the heck are the drinking over there that is making them so damn successful. Need to start sharing that stuff with the rest of the schools. 

Unfortunately what might be overshadowed with this victory is the fact the El Camino Real Charter High school, a six time national winner, finished in second place. They were able to compete this year after a rule change which prevented more than one school from the same state attending at the national level. So congrats are in order to that school as well. Finishing second at the national level is practically like finishing first. 

This news is a testament to the strong schools in the SFV in particular El Camino and Granada Hills High. 

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Marty Mcfly

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1 comment to ''Granada Hills Academic Decathlon Team Wins For Third Time In A Row"

  1. You know this is huge news! I remember when I was in high school, El Camino was pretty much the powerhouse team back then too. It's nice to see valley public schools doing so well, but LAUSD overall is still atrocious. So what can the school system in general learn from these two highly successful high schools? Why aren't more schools copying them?


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