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Filming Locations: 2 Days In The Valley (1996)

2 Days in the Valley is a 1996 film, directed by John Herzfeld. The film revolves around the events over 48 hours in the lives of a group of people who are drawn together by a murder. Several parallel storylines overlap one another in the film (Wikipedia).

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This film was shot almost entirely in the SFV (some parts in L.A.) with a bulk of the filming in the Studio City and North Hollywood area. 

The beginning scenes shoot over the SFV but I am not sure of this location, probably Mulholland Drive. The second image below appears to be the Santa Monica Mountains but hard to confirm.

The home where Becky lives and where Lee shoots Roy in the head is unknown but I am assuming Studio City.

In the scenes below, Allan Hopper, the art dealer, mentions over the phone that he is traveling down Ventura Blvd and Woodman Ave which he literally was during the filming. The nightclub where Allan is in pain is at 13615 Ventura Blvd Sherman Oaks which is home to the Smiles Night Club.

Image courtesy Google Maps
Image courtesy Google Maps
The park where Teddy Peppers meets a fellow colleague. I am not sure of the location for this park but suspect somewhere in Studio City or North Hollywood. 

The movie then transitions to a montage of the SFV.
Overlooking Universal Studios
Overlooking Universal Studios
Overlooking Universal Studios
Overlooking Ventura and Whitsett
Te 405 Freeway North from the Sepulveda Bridge which has been demolished and now being rebuilt. I dont believe that sign in the middle still exists.
101 Freeway East. I don think the Laurel Canyon Blvd sign is still there.
A random house somewhere in the SFV. Anybody know where this is located?
A random school in the SFV. Anybody know where this is located?
 A random sign in the SFV. Anybody know where this is located? I found this same number on the storefront at a business located  at 11628 Victory Blvd but doesnt match this building.
The location of the 7-11 and massage parlor is at the corner of Vineland Ave and Victory Blvd. 7-11 is located at 6364 Vineland Ave North Hollywood. 

Leon's Steakhouse in the background was demolished to make way for a CVS.

Dosmo is almost killed on an empty plot of land with a swimming pool at 3240 Wrightwood Drive. The one oddity about this location is that the property records state this home was built in 1989 which doesnt match with the empty lot assuming this film was made in 1995. So I am going to assume that the home was built afterwards and is somehow not captured in the property records.

Allan Hopper's home is located at 3354 Wrightwood Drive Studio City. A good portion of the film is shot at this location. This home is located below the home mentioned above which is where Dosmo escapes from the exploding car and tumbles down the hill and is stopped by the fence from Hopper's home. A lot of interior shots were also used for this film. Suprisingly, this home is also for sale currently at $4,382,000 which was designed by Harry Newman. 

Becky is taken to the Van Nuys Police Station at 6240 Sylmar Ave Van Nuys. 

The motel where the infamous girl fight between Becky and Helga takes place at St. George Motor Inn on 19454 Ventura Blvd Tarzana. Also during the fight, there is a couple below that hears all the ruckus. The wife asks, "what the heck is going on up there," with the husband responding, "maybe thats how they make love in Tarzana." 

The home of Alvin Strayer is located at 4155 Bellaire Ave Studio City across from the Weddington Golf Center at 4141 Whitsett Ave Studio City. For some reason, I always thought this was at the Van Nuys Golf Course. This scene is hilarious as Alvin's window is smashed by a golf ball which becomes a common occurrence. 

The final scene is where Becky climbs up a hill onto a street where her SUV is parked. This is located at Laurie Place and Wrightwood Drive. The open spot of land is still present. 

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