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Celebrity Real Estate: Justin Bieber Makes Offer on Former Nicole Murphy Mansion in Calabasas

[Update May 16, 2014]: One small tidbit I missed on Justin Bieber's original Calabasas home purchase was that he also purchased the vacant land next door for $2.35 million on June 8, 2012.  When Bieber sold this home to Khloe Kardashian, he also sold the land next door for $2.775 million to a non-celebrity which was revealed by TMZ on March 13, 2014.

[Update May 28, 2012]: The property records show that this property was purchased by Justin Bieber for $6.5 million on April 6, 2012 which could imply that it was an all cash purchase as this transaction closed rather quickly and quietly. Earlier, I reported that the sale price was $6 million but was in fact $6.5 million which means that the sellers netted a gain of close to a million before expenses and taxes which is one heck of a gain after one with this terrible housing market.

[Update April 10, 2012]: According to TMZ, Justin Bieber has in fact purchased the former Nicole Murphy home in Calabasas for $6 million. It appears that at the time of this writing, the home is under escrow as TMZ states that Bieber will get the keys by the end of June. The previous owners purchased this home from Nicole Murphy for $5,515,000 on April 28, 2011. Based on Justin Bieber's purchase price, the previous owners will be earning a $485,000 profit before taxes, commissions, fees, etc. Not bad for one year. 

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Hot off the presses from the always hilarious Your Mama at The Realestalker comes word of Justin Bieber's offer of a Calabasas mansion formerly owned by Nicole Murphy

TMZ is reporting that the offer has not been accepted as the seller wanted $7 million and Bieber was only offering $1.5 million less. Sounds like this might fall through. I wont waste your time on this until it becomes official. You can view the property here.

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