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Mid Century Modern Eichler Homes Available for Purchase

A couple of Eichler homes in the Balboa Highlands area of Granada Hills have been available for purchase for a couple of months now. This is your opportunity to purchase a a mid century modern home that are rarely available on the market. The Eichler homes are available in other neighborhoods throughout California with the next closest being Thousand Oaks and Orange. Also, the late Steve Jobs of Apple grew up in an Eichler home which he has stated, "that his appreciation for Eichler homes instilled in him a passion for making nicely designed products for the mass market" (Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson; pg 127). One more last tidbit, these homes are commonly featured in TV commercials, TV shows, and movies especially in Granada Hills because of the proximity to Hollywood so their is potential to earn extra income from filming. 

4 Beds/1.75 Bath, 2,077 sqft. Last purchased in 1994 for $180,000. Listed at $739,000 on October 10, 2011 (maybe a price drop is needed here). Appears to be in almost perfect shape and close to original form, so maybe no or limited remodeling required. This is a 1964 classic by Claude Oakland F.A.I.A. 

Images courtesy Crosby Doe Associates
4 Beds/3 Bath, 2,118 sqft. Last purchased in 2004 for $660,000. Listed at $479,000 as a short sale on January 20, 2012. Appears to have lost some of the original features, so may require remodeling. 

Images courtesy Meridian Capital Real Estate
Also, if you have $12 million, you can opt for the "Frank Sinatra" mid century modern home in Chatsworth. 

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Marty Mcfly

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2 comments to ''Mid Century Modern Eichler Homes Available for Purchase"

  1. Thousand Oaks has the best Eichlers.

    Too bad the Granada Hills tract became "UN" Eichlerized!!

  2. I agree. It seems that a good number of homes have been modified which I am guessing is due to a lack of knowledge regarding these special homes.


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