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Canyon Vista Preschool to become 58 Single Family Townhomes in Chatsworth

[Update August 24, 2015]: I may have missed out one minor detail regarding this property that is about to be demolished. Apparently, it may be a home to an original barn from at least the 1940's if not older. I think it might too late to save it because I believe the project has been approved. 

[Original Post]:
Image courtesy Bing Maps
In the ongoing quest to develop vacant or underutilized land in the SFV is the latest project at the Canyon Vista Preschool and Church at 22001 Nordhoff St in Chatsworth to demolition all existing buildings to construct 58 single-family detached townhomes with the proposals shown below. The hearing is scheduled for Monday June 8, 2015 at 10 AM with the notice shown below. 
  1. Three-stories in height including private patios, individual garages, and 2 covered parking spaces per unit. 
  2. Unit sizes will vary from 1,900 to 2,220 sqft with 3 - 4 bedrooms. 
  3. Max height will be 37 feet spread over max floor area of 126,000 sqft
  4. Guest parking throughout with a minimum rate of 0.25 parking spaces per dwelling unit. 
  5. Common open space area including 4,500 sqft area to include a "tot lot"in the northern half of the property. Also, a centrally located open space area at 4,230 sqft including benches, barbecues, outdoor eating areas, and shade structures. 
  6. 14,000 sqft buffer zone area in the southwest corner to provide a buffer to the Chatsworth reservoir. 
  7. A 1/3 mile walkway will line the perimeter of the site. 
  8. Landscape will include native and drought tolerant trees and planting. 
  9. A protected oak tree will remain on site and incorporated into the common open space area. 
Image courtesy Bing Maps
The property is currently owned by the West Valley Christian Center of Los Angeles County which purchased the property back on March 24, 1989 for $900K. Some sort of purchase agreement was signed between KB Homes (the developer for this project) and West Valley Christian Center on April 16, 2014 but the details are not known. The property measures 206,100 sqft with a building sqft of 3,575 built in 1947. I am not sure what is happening to Canyon Vista Preschool but I am guessing relocating to the Andora location at 10616 Andora Avenue. This project reminds me of the now developed original Pincrest school in Van Nuys

Image courtesy Google Maps
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