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10 SFH Planned for North Hills Near the "Onion" Building and 405 Freeway

Image courtesy Bing Maps
15717 Tupper St. Image courtesy Google Maps
15727 Tupper St. Image courtesy Google Maps
This latest development proposal is located at 15727 & 15717 Tupper St in North Hills near the VA Hospital, the Sepulveda Unitarian Universalist Society which is well known for the "Onion" shaped building, and the 405 Freeway. The proposal is a 10 unit single family home subdivision with 20 parking spaces but very little else on the details. 

The property at 15727 is a 54,250 sqft lot with a 1,689 sqft home measuring 2 beds/2 baths while the property at 15717 is a 62,376 sqft lot with a 3 bed/2 bath 2,240 sqft home built in 1955. The combined property area is 2.6 acres. To put things into perspective, this plan is more than double the size of the previous plan mentioned today in Van Nuys for 9 homes. Coincidentally, that project is also next to the 405 like this one which makes it less desirable. 
These two properties were sold at different times with 15727 acquired on November 14, 2014 for $825,000 from  the Marilyn Fields trust by the Tupper Estates LLC. The property at 15717 was acquired by Smadar Herskowitz on November 5, 2003 for $622,000 and was later transferred to the Tupper Estates LLC on March 19, 2015.

The Tupper Estates LLC links back to the Dot Graphics printing company in Chatsworth which is run by Brian Whiteman who is best known for appearing on CNBC's Shark Tank and creating the Groovebook photo app that was partnered with Kevin O'Leary. Later on this concept was purchased by Shutterfly for $14.5 million making it the first idea on Shark Tank to be acquired by a public company
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