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170 Aparment Units Mixed Use Project Planned for Reseda Blvd's KFC and Auto Repair Shops

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Reseda seemed to have peaked in pop culture during the 80's with Daniel's home in Karate Kid and the inspiration for Tom Petty's "Free Fallin'" where he states, "It's a long day living in Reseda, There's a freeway runnin' through the yard." 

Today, Reseda Blvd is being transformed with mixed use developments promoting mass transit/biking/walking. The latest project is 170 apartment units with 15,186 sqft of commercial floor space, 311 parking spaces, 216 long term bicycle parking spaces, and 24 short-term bicycle spaces at 6912-38 Reseda Blvd near Vanowen Street. Urbanize.LA was the first to describe this project back on November 24, 2014 but the project is coming to fruition with a hearing date scheduled for December 15, 2015

The project calls for the demolition of the following: 
  1. 6938 Reseda Blvd: 14,801 sqft lot with 4,106 sqft building built in 1970 which is home to Complete Auto Body & Repair and Apple Auto Repair Center. 
  2. A small strip of land in between 6938 and 6928 that measures 1,920 sqft. 
  3. 6928 Reseds Blvd: 7,650 sqft lot with 1,147 sqft building built in 1976 which is home to Smogster Smog Check.
  4. 6922 Reseda Blvd: 7,350 sqft lot with 796 sqft building built in 1976 which is home to Econo Brake and Tune.
  5. 6916 Reseda Blvd: 15,000 sqft lot with 1,711 sqft building built in 1970 which is home to a KFC Restaurant. 
All above properties were purchased by EMC Capital Investments Group LLC on March 7, 2014 for a combined $4.5 million from FIIs Reseda LLC which I believe is owned by Saeed Zaghian and the Leonard Yaghoobi Family Trust.

In addition to this project, there is another mixed use project calling for 254 apartment units down the street nearby the LA River on the former Courtesy Dodge Dealership site. 

You can read more SFV Architecture and R.E. here

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5 comments to ''170 Aparment Units Mixed Use Project Planned for Reseda Blvd's KFC and Auto Repair Shops"

  1. 'Somgster Smog Check'? Boy, that 's a mouthful. Perhaps you meant to type 'Smogster'? Where did all the good writers go? Does anyone edit this stuff? Or use spellcheck?

    1. Thanks for mentioning the error. It is now corrected.

  2. More apartments should result in lower rents. It is the responsibility of the city council to ensure that the new units are affordable housing. That should start with a requirement being established by the Reseda Neighborhood Council


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