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Former Neill Lehr Cadillac now Picture Car Warehouse in Northridge to be Redeveloped

According to the San Fernando Valley Business Journal (SFVBJ), the former Neill Lehr Cadillac (and later Rydell) dearlership and now Picture Car Warehouse in Northridge will be redeveloped into a mix of retail and residential over a 3.3 acre site at 8350 - 8454 Reseda Blvd in about 18 months when the current lease expires. 

Image courtesy Google Maps
The mid century showroom with floor to ceiling windows was built in 1965 with 7,936 sqft and I believe has been in the Lehr family ever since conception was recently sold to the Harridge Cadillac Group, LLC on March 27, 2015 for $5,750,000. 

Since 2007, the Lehr family has been winding down assets including an Encino home in the hills, a strip mall in Hermosa Beach, a strip mall at the corner of Roscoe and Reseda Blvd down the street from the Cadillac dealership, and a Long Beach strip mall (there may be others that I missed).

The site is currently occupied by Picture Car Warehouse which leases custom and vintage autos to the film industry and was used as the garage in the 2011 film, Drive, with the filming locations discussed on this site. 

Seems like the old auto dealerships are slowly disappearing and being redeveloped like the former Courtesy Dodge Reseda dealershipBob Smith BMW becoming a Norms in Canoga Park, and the rest scattered throughout the Valley not located on Van Nuys Blvd that are bound to undertake some sort of redevelopment
Image courtesy Film O Filia
You can view more SFV Architecture and R.E. here

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