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582 Residential Dwelling Units Coming to Former Teledyne Campus in Northridge

Image courtesy Bing Maps
582 residential dwelling units coming to 19601 Nordhoff Street with 21,591 sqft of commercial space located in between Lowes and the Northridge Mall. For the old timers, this location was the former Teledyne headquarters campus which was a large defense contractor that was later purchased by Litton in 1994 and then later by Northrop Grumman in 2001. Afterwards, Grumman vacated the area and the campus was subdivided for a Lowes home improvement store.

The Teledyne campus was the initial starting point for the company which was designed with an extensive use of glass that was completed in 1968 as shown in the images below. The glass designed was commissioned by Henry Singleton who was the co-founder.  The building was designed by Cesar Pelli and Anthony Lumsden which brought great pride to the area. After Litton acquired, it was home to the Guidance and Control System division that was later changed to Integrated Systems Division by Northrop Grumman with a work force of about 1,500 in the year 2000. Prior to Teledyne, the land was used for agriculture which I believe were orange groves. Also of significance for this location is that it may have been part of William Mulholland's ranch which was definitely located at the corner of Corbin and Plummer.

This location perfectly captures the evolution of the SFV's economy from agricultural to defense/aerospace to residential apartments/condos. Or in other words, a few wealthy landowners to the creation of the middle to  upper-middle class back to a few wealthy landowners.

Former Litton campus in 1952 consisting entirely of orange groves. Mulholland's ranch was located at Corbin and Plummer. Image courtesy
Former Litton campus in 1980 at its prime with the Malibu Grand Prix at the bottom, Northridge Mall to the right, and still vast undeveloped lands on the left with a few orange groves remaining. Image courtesty
Circa 1970's Teledyne Northridge campus. 
Circa 1970's TeledyneNorthridge campus. 
January 2014 site of former Teledyne campus with a few orange trees still remaining
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Marty Mcfly

Anything and everything about the San Fernando Valley. This blog will take you back in time when the valley was covered with dirt and orange groves to a leader in the space race to its current status as America's suburb. Come along and join me on this adventure, I guarantee you have been influenced/impacted by the San Fernando Valley in one form or another even if you have never visited or heard of the SFV.

2 comments to ''582 Residential Dwelling Units Coming to Former Teledyne Campus in Northridge"

  1. I worked at this facility in 1979. It was NOT a Litton facility. The company was Teledyne, Teledyne was a Litton competitor at that time.

  2. Thanks for the comment, this was a gross oversight on my part. I have since corrected the post. Can you share any experiences from your time there?


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