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First Baptist Church of Van Nuys Postcard

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Marty Mcfly

Anything and everything about the San Fernando Valley. This blog will take you back in time when the valley was covered with dirt and orange groves to a leader in the space race to its current status as America's suburb. Come along and join me on this adventure, I guarantee you have been influenced/impacted by the San Fernando Valley in one form or another even if you have never visited or heard of the SFV.

1 comment to ''First Baptist Church of Van Nuys Postcard"

  1. This was a wonderful church 50 years ago. It's congregation funded the Childerns Baptist Home in Inglewood, where my brother and I were raised for some years.
    I still recall how awesome the pipe organ sounded. I was fascinated with it as a child. You could hear the air hissing and valves clacking as the organest worked gracefully at the keys, while his stocking feet floated over the base petals.
    God, how I miss it all. Life was so wonderful then. No cellphone distractions, no altered foods. What a time. I feel so privileged to have been a part of it.


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