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Laurelwood Apartments in Studio City by R.M. Schindler Quietly Sells for $4.7 Million

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11833 and 11837 Laurelwood Drive
The Laurelwood Apartments by modern architect, R.M. Schindler, quietly sold for $4.7 million on December 28, 2012. The new owners are Silver Swan Properties LLC. 

The Laurelwood Apartments, designed by R.M. Schindler in 1946, recently underwent a complete exterior restoration after years of neglect and disrepair. The 22-unit hillside housing complex, located in Studio City California, is Schindler’s largest completed work and a designated Historic Landmark. It demonstrates the innovation and experimentation of the last phase of his career. Constructed in the “Schindler Frame”, a modular construction system Schindler developed during WWII, it was built with inexpensive and efficient building materials and methods, such as exposed framing used as screens and trellises or grape stakes used as fencing. Schindler was an early critic of the International Style, and here its prevailing principles were challenged through the use of rotated, staggered forms built from common or low materials and adapted to site-specific conditions.
This building almost faced destruction in 1979 but was saved by preservationists with the building being designated Historic Cultural Monument # 228 on April 22, 1980. The building almost faced destruction again in 1986 but was saved by preservationists and tenants which at that time, the building was in desperate need of renovation according to a July 5, 1986 LA Times article by Marc Igler

The building has since been renovated when it was acquired by the previous owner in 2009. The interiors of the individual units will be restored over the next several years as they become available. Also check out the Big Orange Landmarks site for more info and pictures. 

Schindler also designed the Goodwin House in Studio City which was sold for $768,000 on March 9, 2012.

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