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Own a Piece of Rare History, 1939 GM Futurliner For Sale in Canoga Park

[Update September 26, 2017]: This vehicle sold sometime in 2016 by a German car collector which is also currently under restoration. Sad to see this go but also glad to see that a restoration is underway. You can see more here and here

[Original Post]:
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This extremely rare vehicle (currently residing in Canoga Park)  is now available for $400,000 on Craigslist which seems like a bargain considering that another almost perfectly restored vehicle sold at a Barret-Jackson auction in 2006 for $4 million. So the difference between those two vehicles in terms of price is an amazing $3.6 million. However, this vehicle has been converted into a motorhome and therefore is not entirely original. 

Additionally, this vehicle was originally available for sale on ebay for $1 million (back on January 2008) and currently now at for  $795,000. So it seems that the current owner is eager to part with this piece of history. I talked in depth about this vehicle back in March 2012 which has a large collection of historical photos in addition to this vehicle for your viewing pleasure. 

From Craigslist:
Very Rare 1939 GM Futurliner one of only 12 made, There are only 9 in existence, two are beyond restoration and are being used to restore other futurliners. The vehicles launched back into the public spotlight a few years ago at the infamous Barrett-Jackson auction when one sold for $4.3 million dollars. This unique and beautiful Art Deco-style show bus was a spin-off of the 1939 New York World's Fair, and part of GM'S famous "Parade of Progress" traveling exhibit until 1956. Selling very low price $400,000 OBO

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