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Filming Locations: Alpha Dog (2006)

Alpha Dog is a 2006 American crime drama film written and directed by Nick Cassavetes, first screened at the Sundance Film Festival on January 27, 2006, with a wide release the following year on January 12, 2007. The film is based on the true story of the kidnapping and murder of 15-year-old Nicholas Markowitz and related events in 2000. It portrays the involvement of Jesse James Hollywood, a young middle-class drug dealer in California. The film stars Emile HirschJustin TimberlakeShawn HatosyBen FosterOlivia WildeAmanda SeyfriedAnton Yelchin with Harry Dean StantonSharon Stone and Bruce Willis (Wikipedia).

I blogged about the true story of Alpha Dog in the post, Dont Raise Your Kids In The West Valley: A Retrospective Review of Young Adult Crime In The West Valley, which also discussed some of the actual locations for where this story took place including Jesse James Hollywood's home. 

Unfortunately, this movie was fictionalized due to the pending court case at the time the movie was filmed. The true events took place in the West Valley and Santa Barbara rather than Claremont and Palm Springs as shown in the film. However, several locations were still filmed in the SFV as discussed below.

Also check out Frankie's House, The Glen Capri Inn & Suites, Caliente Tropics Resort, and The Hartunian House from IAMNOTASTALKER.COM. Additionally, Scott Trimble who worked on the film also listed locations on his site, Some of the locations listed from that site that I am not able to find were Burbank, Granada Hills, Northridge, Studio City, Sylmar, and Universal City. 

On a completely separate note, Anton Yelchin, who play Jake Mazursky recently purchased a home in Studio City and grew up in Tarzana discussed here

You can view more SFV Filming Locations here

The opening scenes starts at Johnny Truelove's home which I am unfortunately not able to locate but has a feel and look to be somewhere in the SFV. I am guessing Van Nuys or Encino but no luck finding anything. 

The beginning scenes starts with Johnny Truelove meeting with his father who is holding baseball practice at the Hjelte Sports Center at 16200 Burbank Blvd Encino. 

Johnny Truelove conducts a drug transaction at Circus Liquor (which has been used in several films) 5600 Vineland Ave North Hollywood.  

Jake, Butch, Olivia, and Zack Mazursky have dinner at the family home which I am unfortunately not able to locate but has a feel and look to be somewhere in the SFV. I am guessing Granada Hills but no luck finding anything

Johnny Truelove and his gang try to meet Jake Mazursky at this apartment which I am unfortunately not able to locate but has a feel and look to be somewhere in the SFV. I am guessing Van Nuys but no luck finding anything

Zack Mazursky is kidnapped by Johnny Truelove and gang where those ugly power lines run along Whitnall Highway near Cahuenga Blvd which is next to Whitnall Highway Park in North Hollywood. This scene takes place in front of DWP Receiving Station E. 

Frankie Ballenbacher and Zack Mazursky are hanging out at the Street Fiesta at West End Liquor Store 21500 Sherman Way Canoga Park which is across from the old Aaardvark's store. 

Johnny Truelove speaks to Jake Mazursky and his attorney at the Norwood Bar & Lounge at 16200 Nordhoff Street North Hills.  

Johnny Truelove and Elvis Schmidt meet Pick Giaimo and used his vehicle to help with the murder of Zack Mazursky which which I am unfortunately not able to locate but has a feel and look to be somewhere in the SFV. I am guessing Van Nuys but no luck finding anything

Johnny Truelove, Pick Giaimo, and lady friend eat at Salsa Club 2000 at 6439 Lankershim Blvd North Hollywood.

Johnny Truelove and girlfriend, Angela Holden purchase a vehicle from a used car lot that I am not able to locate but feels like somewhere in the SFV. 

Johnny Truelove and girlfriend, Angela Holden, stay at the Glen Capri Motel (used in several films) 6700 San Fernando Rd Glendale. 

Johnny Truelove meets his childhood friend, Buzz Fecske, which could be located in the SFV but not sure.

Johnny Truelove returns home to his godfather, Cosmo Gadabeeti which looks like its in the SFV but cannot locate.  

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3 comments to ''Filming Locations: Alpha Dog (2006)"

  1. The used car lot is Sherman Way & Corbin

  2. Hello Anonymous.

    I reviewed your suggested location and it doesnt seem to match up. I am assuming you are referring to the used car lot near the Victorian Bldg which would then be in this film but its not. Additionally, when looking North, the screenshot shows apartment buildings which the actual location does have any apartment buildings. If you have any further clues, please share.

    However, its possible that the used car lot is somewhere down Sherman Way, Van Nuys Blvd, or Lankershim.

    1. Actually, I live in the back streets behind this dealership, and it is indeed Corbin and Saticoy, the North East corner.


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