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Celebrity Real Estate: Country Singer Star LeAnn Rimes and Actor Eddie Cibrian Decide To Purchase in Hidden Hills

Image courtesy Crescent Realty
Hot off the presses from Lauren Beale at LA Times Hot Property is a communique about country singer LeAnn Rimes and actor husband, Eddie Cibrian purchased a Hidden Hills short sale for $3 million on December 21, 2012. This latest news was also picked up by Trulia Luxe Living and The Realestalker. So now I am #4 and old news already but for those that didnt know, the details are below including prior homes belonging to Cibrian.

On a side note, there has been a lot of drama and gossip surrounding Cibrian and Rimes who hooked up while both were separately married. To learn more about all this goosip, rumors, etc. visit your favorite tabloid site. 

The home measures 6 beds/9 baths on 8,642 sqft on a total lot size of 2 acres built in 2005. The listing description states:
Wonderful Spanish home on a large lot with outdoor dining area and pool. Home features a large kitchen with center island, dining room and 6 bedrooms. Wonderful master with patio and outdoor sitting area.
There are not much details provided in the listing nor many pictures but I am assuming that this home was in a solid condition considering it was recently built in 2005 so this could be one heck of deal for Rimes and Cibrian depending on the future of the market. 

The seller is Alan Griefer who appears to be the President and CEO of Maverick Bankcard, Inc according to his Linkedin page. The home was first listed on December 18, 2009 for $6,195,000, then $5,995,000 on June 11, 2010, chopped to $5,495,000 on March 4, 2011, $4,995,000 on June 24, 2011, $4,490,000 on November 3, 2011, and finally $4.2 million on February 3, 2012. 

Griefer purchased this home for $5,575,000 on December 5, 2006 which was damn near the top of the housing bubble. Pretty good timing for a CEO of a card processing company. His loss or I should say the bank's loss on this transaction which was a whopping $2,575,000. However, this was probably a smart financial decision for Griefer who also owns another Hidden Hills home not too far from this place that was purchased on May 12, 2003 for $1,589,000 so its not like he is going to be homeless or even have to worry about the hit to his credit score.

Back to Cibrian and Rimes, prior to the purchase of this home, they rented a Hidden Hills home (image below) not too far from this newly acquired place for the past couple of years for an unknown amount. This home measures 5 Beds/5 Baths on 5,100 sqft on a total lot size of 1.01 acres built in 1957 and currently available for $2,595,000 which was placed on the market on January 7, 2013. 

Image courtesy Ewing Sotheby's I.R.
Cibrian is no stranger to the Valley as he was born in Burbank but I am not sure where he grew up and what schools he attended but I am assuming were in the SFV. Additionally, Cibrian owns or has owned various homes throughout the Valley mentioned below:

A 6 beds/6.5 baths on 6,610 sqft McMansion in Calabasas (image below) that was purchased on January 21, 2008 for $2,500,000 and later sold for $300,000 loss on Jun 15, 2010 for $2, 200,000. This home was owned with Brandi Glanville and was sold as part of the divorce.

Image courtesy Prudential California Realty
A 6 beds/8 baths on 8,650 sqft "Rancho Estate" in Encino (image below) that was purchased on June 27, 2002 for $2,020,000 and later sold on January 10, 2008 for $4,300,000 to comedian Carlos Mencia netting a massive profit of $2,280,000. This home was also owned with Brandi Glanville.

Image courtesy Coldwell Banker
Eddie's parents, Hortensia and Carl, had owned a modest Sylmar ranch (image below) home measuring 2 beds/1 bath on 1,153 sqft that was purchased on March 1, 2001 for $188,500 and later sold for $420,000 on April 28, 2005 representing a $231,500 profit. Did anybody catch Eddie out any Sylmar during this time?

Image courtesy Bing Maps
Currently owns a 4 beds/4.5 baths on 3,138 sqft home in Simi Valley (image below) that was purchased on December 13, 2000 for $483,000 which I believe is used by Eddie's parents based on the sale of the Sylmar home mentioned above.
Image courtesy Google Maps
Currently owns which appears to be his firs purchase is a Toluca Lake condo (image below) measuring 2 Beds/4 Baths on 1,872 sqft which was purchased on October 17, 1995 for $221,000. 

Image courtesy Google Maps
Talk about loyalty to the SFV!

Other celebrities with recent real estate transactions or listings in Hidden Hills include the following:
  1. Tamar Braxton and Vincent Herbert who purchased a Hidden Hills mansion designed by Ron Firestone on September 8, 2011 for either $3.4 million or $6.9 million who heaved it back on the market for barely one year later on October 11, 2012 for $7,595,000 and havent budged ever since. 
  2. Billy Blanks (Tae Bo) who recently sold his mansion for $7.3 million. 
  3. Ron Tutor (Construction) who previously leased to Britney Spears and is currently available for less than $10 million.
  4. Beau Bridges (actor) who is trying to sell for under $3 million.
  5. Drake (music) who recently purchased for $7.7 million.
  6. Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne (music/reality) who are trying to sell for close to $13 million.
  7. Taylor Hawkin's (Foo Fighters music) purchase of a former Howie Mandel mansion for $2.7 million.
  8. Morris Chestnut's short sale for $2.3 million.
  9. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's (wrestling/acting) who recently sold for $4 million. 
  10. Also, the Kardashians/Jenners live in this area. 
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