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Check Out A New SFV Website:

A new SFV website, just popped onto the scene started by two creative graduates from Otis College, Carlos Avila and Andrew Leslie. Their design studio aptly named, Design Studio 1646, is based in Canoga Park with the purpose of promoting the SFV's rich cultural and historical heritage. One of their unique concepts is the Alternative Mercantile which showcases local merchants in a hand stitched and bound publication. I have yet to physically see one but looks very promising. The new site also covers other popular areas of the SFV that will bring more awareness about what is happening in our neighborhoods.  Check out their website and give them some constructive feedback.  

Press Release:

Canoga Park– Design studio 1646 (Carlos Avila and Andrew Leslie) would like to announce the release of Utopia Reflected. The case study for this project is the San Fernando Valley, an area north of metropolitan Los Angeles. The developing project consists of cross platform media such as postcards, publications, and website as a means to disseminate findings and ideas about the subject matter in a method that seeks to authentically represent the subjective, personal, and intimate as a valuable component in the make up of an environment. Utopia Reflected is interested in how individuals can question and rearticulate established perceptions of an environment though exploration and reflection. Having both grown up in the Valley, Carlos and Andrew look to explore and expand their own idea of how people consider locality and familiarity within a particular landscape.
In conjunction with the website Utopia reflected will feature publications based on six project categories labeled: Alternative Mercantile, Indie Eateries, Architecture, Film Locations, Entertainment, and Parks & Recreation. Each volume of Utopia Reflected features an in depth analysis of points of interests that highlight the category. The publications are handcrafted and rigorously designed, written, and edited and can be purchased through this website or purchased locally at suggested retailers.
ABOUT 1646:
Carlos Avila and Andrew Leslie, recent graduates of Otis College’s Masters in Fine Arts in Graphic design program established design studio 1646 in 2012. 1646 uses methods of research, analysis, and process to generate visual outcomes and solutions for clients and self initiated projects.
For further information please contact:
Carlos Avila/Andrew Leslie 

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2 comments to ''Check Out A New SFV Website:"

  1. So, what happened to this website?

  2. That is a good question. The site was started by two individuals that I believe was part of a college project but looks like they lost interest, time, whatever and couldnt continue. It looked promising at first but to blog these days, its more a labor of love.


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