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Celebrity Real Estate: Persia White Re-Lists Studio City Home as a Short Sale

[Update March 17, 2013]: This home sold on March 12, 2013 for $1,106,000 which was only $29,500 less than the original purchase price of $1,135,500 back on April 26, 2004. However, Persia White was originally looking for $1,529,000 when first listed back on August 2011 which was $423,000 less. This home was later listed as a short sale after almost 2 unsuccessful years of trying to unload at a profit. 

[Original Post]:
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Fresh off the MLS is another celebrity short sale which this time is presented by Persia White in Studio City who is most known for her role on the television sitcom Girlfriends which ran for 8 years. This blog covered Persia White's original listing back on August 2011 for $1,529,000 which was not a short sale at that time. 

Flash forward one year and the home is now listed as a short sale for $999,950. The reason for the short sale and possibly for the original listing could be her divorce in 2011 according to

If the home sells at the current asking price, the bank(s) will be looking at a loss of $135,550 based on Persia White's original purchase price of $1,135,500 back in April 2004 assuming there are no other outstanding loans or liens against the property and also not factoring commissions, fees, and any other related expenses. 

Persia White's latest short sale follows a list of other notable celebrity residents in the SFV who have also gone down the route of short sale or foreclosure just in the SFV alone which have been documented on this blog:
  1. John Larroquette's (actor) short sale in Sherman Oaks.
  2. Bryon Russells' (basketball) foreclosure in Calabasas.
  3. Kristen Bell's (actress) Studio City foreclosure.
  4. Richard Fortus' (GNR music) short sale in Woodland Hills.
  5. Morris Chestnut's (actor) short sale in Hidden Hills.
  6. Eric Davis' (baseball) short sale in Calabasas.
  7. Kristoff St. John's (actor) short sale in Canoga Park.
  8. Jeremy London's (actor) foreclosure in Canoga Park which is literally down the street from Kristoff St.John. 
We wish Persia White the best with her current real estate matters. 

You can view more SFV celebrity real estate here

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1 comment to ''Celebrity Real Estate: Persia White Re-Lists Studio City Home as a Short Sale"

  1. Not sure what to make of all these celebrities selling or listing their San Fernando Valley homes for a loss.


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