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Celebrity Real Estate: Alpha Dog's Anton Yelchin Moves into Studio City

Hot off the presses from the always informative Lauren Beale at Los Angeles Times Hot Property comes word of Alpha Dog star, Anton Yelchin's purchase in Studio City for $945,000 on May 18, 2012. This home is also nearby the Waxman House by Barry MoffittR.M. Schindler's The Goodwin House, Calvin Straub Post and Beam House, and Fall Out Boy Pete Wentz's new pad

Anton Yelchin is a Russian born actor who started acting in film and television in the year 2000. He starred in Along Came A  Spider, Hearts in Atlantis, Star Trek, Terminator Salvation, The Smurfs, Fright Night, Pirates! Band of Misfits, and the upcoming Star Trek and Smurfs 2. On Television, he starred in ER, Taken, Curb Your Enthusiasm, NYPD Blue, Huff, and Criminal Minds

As mentioned earlier, Anton Yelchin played the role of Zack Mazursky in the crime thriller, Alpha Dog, (filming locations discussed here) which was based on the true story of Nicholas Markowitz and Jesse James Hollywood who grew up in the quiet suburb of West Hills which I briefly discussed in the post; Dont Raise Your Kids in the West Valley: A Retrospective Review of Young Adult Crime in the West Valley. Anton Yelchin played such a memorable character in the film Alpha Dog that Markowitz's mother "was moved by Anton Yelchin's portrayal of her son." (Wikipedia)

Images courtesy Leland Properties
Although Anton Yelchin was not born in the SFV, he is somewhat of a local as he attended the Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies in Tarzana. 

According to the listing, this 3 Bed/2.25 Bath, 1,845 sqft home on 0.26acres built in 1940 states:
Private and Gated Studio City Entertainers Retreat with Views, Pool, Spas and Real Charm! Situated on 1/4 acre landscaped garden lot with multiple decks/patios/cabana and mature trees. This 1940 Custom home features vaulted ceilings , chocolate hardwood floors & fireplaces in the living & dining rooms. The indoor/outdoor feel is unmatched with French doors opening to all yards. Newly remolded Gourmet Kitchen w/ Bertazzo 36"range/Asko dishwasher/dual zone wine fridge & Quortstone counters that opens to dining area that flow out to the large Cabana and the custom pool/spa areas with incredible views. Three upstairs bedrooms include the Romantic Master Suite with verdant views and a designer, sunny, spa tub, double sink bath with walk in closets & additional two bedrooms with great views. .. .. This is a private Lush setting to Celebrate Grand Occasions or Life's Most Intimate Moments. .. .
Prior to this home, the website claims that Anton Yelchin lived in Burbank. And prior to his Burbank home, property records show a Tarzana property purchased by Anton and his father on June 19, 2003 for $670,000 bordering the Braemar Country Club. This 4 Bed/4 Bath home is most likely where Anton Yelchin was living while attending the Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies. 

Image courtesy Google Maps
Talk about keep it real with respect to the San Fernando Valley. How many actors can say they attended a school in the SFV, own two SFV homes, and played a character in a movie based on a SFV resident? 

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37 comments to ''Celebrity Real Estate: Alpha Dog's Anton Yelchin Moves into Studio City"

  1. 2016 is a great year for many of us, but it’s also the year that has led to the passing of many legends and celebrities. We had to say goodbye to David Bowie among many others and now we also have to say goodbye to another important person for the great work, Anton Yelchin.

  2. Fantastic views inside the home. Anton was very lucky.

  3. Anton Yelchin should not have died. Too young and he had tons of going for him. This is a lovely home. Very sad for the parents. I just wish he didn't have that Jeep, or bought a different car. RIP.

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