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A West Hills Home Turned Into A Prison??

In another post to file under the bizarre section, The LA Daily News ran a story titled, Back on The Chain West Hills?, about a West Hills couple facing foreclosure. What is unique about this story versus the rest of the everyday foreclosures is that the homeowners have transformed their home into a prison in the hopes of raising cash.  Lou (64) and Linda (61) DeMarco's home has become a faux prison complete with barb wire, high voltage warnings, guard tower, rocks to smash, and a weight bench. Dont worry, its all fake. When this story came out, I couldnt believe it and had to see it in person which is located near Michale Street and Shoup Avenue with a great view (from the backyard) of the Chatsworth Reservoir

Lou who is a screenwriter and former porn video and DVD distributor along with his wife Linda who teaches sick kids at home and in hospitals are hoping to develop a reality show based on their "home prison" idea.
It's a ploy to help sell a Hollywood script, "Little Big House." Where desperate times call for desperate measures. Where a down-on-their-luck San Fernando Valley family turns to housing state prisoners to save their home.
"This is about a family," he said, staring south across the Valley from behind the prison fence. "They're in foreclosure. Their car gets repo'ed. Electricity gets turned off. Every possible bad thing happens. "It's like 'Married...with Children' meets 'Barney Miller,' with a little 'F Troop' thrown in. It's all downhill from here."
I guess that is what makes this country great, people can do whatever they want like create a "home prison". It does make for good entertainment (check the video below) for about 5 minutes of my time. However, this setup would be great for Halloween, hopefully their "decorations" stay up until then.

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