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Another Teen Fatally Dies in the West Valley

Image courtesy KCBS/KCAL Video via LA Daily News
From the Daily News, Teen Killed by Cops Formerly in Explorer Program, talks about 19 year old Abdul Arian (from Taft High School) who was killed on the 101 Freeway after a car chase from Northridge to Woodland Hills around 10 PM last Wednesday. 

What makes this whole situation weird is that Arian told to a 911 operator he had been "arrested before for possession of destructive devices" although he was never charged with any crimes. Also, that night, Arian told 911 operators he had a gun and was willing to use it. To make things even weirder, Arian was part of the Los Angeles Police Department Explorer Academy but was kicked out in October 2009 for "disciplinary reasons." And to top it off, Arian aspired to be a cop and purchased a retired LAPD patrol car.  So that night on the 101 Freeway, Arian was shot 90 to 150 times when he pointed an object at the officers.

However you look at it, does the LAPD need to fire 90 to 150 bullets at one person on the 101 Freeway especially when the LAPD is standing behind their squad cars protected by gunfire? Is it possible that they could have waited for the sound of a gun shot fired from Arian first (assuming he had a gun)? What is the likelihood that he even hit someone from the middle of the 101 Freeway when officers are protected by their vehicle? I have been to a driving range before and its damn hard to hit the middle targets. 

Something seems fishy here and it doesnt add up. Which is why in America, you can file a lawsuit for $120 million against the LAPD. Which really means that if Arian's family were to win, residents for the City of LA pay for it. So at the end of the day, we all lose. 

Another story to support my theory that being a teenager in the West Valley can lead to serious crime

Good luck to the Arian family for this tragic loss.

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