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Filming Locations: The Bad News Bears (1976)

The original Bad News Bears (1976) was filmed in Chatsworth, Reseda, and Tarzana. The baseball field scenes were shot at Mason Park in Chatsworth. I have posted pics of Mason park from today below. You can compare at the Filming Locations of Chicago and Los Angeles Blog. Also, one of the main characters, Kelly Leak played by Jackie Earle Haley was born in Northridge and most likely attended various schools nearby.

Also check out the comments about the Mason Park Fields from the Sitcomsonline website:

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Marty Mcfly

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1 comment to ''Filming Locations: The Bad News Bears (1976)"

  1. Anyone out there in the San Fernando Valley know where they filmed the location where Amanda did her Ballet classes from the original Bad news Bears??? Also I'm looking for these scenes from the Bad News Bears with Billy Bob Thornton. The place where Amanda worked,Advance Transnmissioms,the first house location where Buttermaker comes up from the basement,Chico's Bail Bonds,the mobile home park with the pool,the house where the Bears help Buttermaker exterminate and gives them their new uniforms??????


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