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Celebrity Real Estate: Former Jane Fonda House Now Owned by Ethan Suplee For Sale in Studio City

[Update January 2, 2013]: This home sold for $1.6 million on January 2, 2013 which took approximately 15 months to close. The sales price represents a loss of $400,000 to Ethan Suplee who first purchased in 2006 for $2 million. Additionally, the home was first listed at $2,295,000 representing a massive reduction of $695,000. I thought the housing market was making a comeback. 

[Original Post]:
Back on October 6, 2011, the always hilarious Your Mama at the Realestalker discussed the latest listing of Ethan Suplee, a devoted Scientologist who rose to fame in the films Mall Rats, American History X, and the TV show My Name Is Earl, has listed his home in the Studio City area for $2,295,000.  

This heavily wooded house sits on less than an acre with 7 Beds/3 Baths on 3,787 sqft. Main features of the home include multiple family rooms, 2 wood burning fireplaces, hardwood floors, custom stonework, detached guest house, gym, pool, and outside bathroom. 

Suplee and his wife Brandwynee "Brandy" Lewis purchased their home in 2006 for $2 million from Richard S Kline. There have also been reports that Jane Fonda used to live in this home. According to Your Mama at the Realestalker:
Actress/activist/fitness freak Jane Fonda is said to have occupied the woodsy lodge-like residence in the early 1970s back when she was making headlines and enemies with her vehement and vocal opposition to the Vietnam War. Property records show the kooky Laurel Canyon crib was acquired in 1973 by game show director and producer Richard S. Kline (The Joker's Wild, Joker! Joker! Joker!, Win, Lose or Draw)–not to be confused with the actor Richard Kline of Three's Company fame–who paid just $77,500 for the tree-shaded property. That's right children, seventy-seven thousand clams. Can anyone remember those real estate days?

Mister Kline–who, according to The Movieland Directory, raised more than a dozen children in the house–owned the property until early 2006 when records show the game show maker sold the nearly one acre gated mini-estate estate for $2,000,000 to Mister Suplee and his wife Brandwynne "Brandy" Lewis, sister of actress/rocker babe Juliette Lewis.
So I double checked The Movieland Directory website and below is the listing for Jane Fonda and Richard Kline

So its seem plausible that Jane Fonda lived in this home unless there are other "redwood lodge-looking" houses on the 11000 block of Canton Drive in Studio City.

One more thing about the current asking price on this property. Its currently being offered for $295,000 more than the original purchase price at the top of the housing market in 2006. This is the very top of the ever exploding housing market. So to sell at a gain not including expenses in these challenging times would be a gift. 

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