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Circular Encino Mid Century Modern Home For Sale

[Update Nov 20, 2011]: On November 18, 2011, this home finally sold for $1,887,500 after first being listed at $2,900,000 on July 28, 2011, approximately 4 months later and a whopping $1 million drop in price.

[Original Post]:
While reading the many fine articles at, we came across a rather interesting and unique mid-century modern home which is our favorite type of architecture which is why we hate to see all those bland McMansions being erected everywhere we go. 

The property is the Circular Encino house which literally looks like the owners are still stuck in some 70's disco Las Vegas (or Palm Springs) era. The house built in 1972 was designed by Benton Park Candreva which belonged to late night club owner Joby Lewis and his recently deceased wife, Helen, who were prominent members of the LA-Lebanese community. 

According to a blogpost at

In the late 1950’s Joby Lewis was the owner/operator of Lake Tahoe’s Cal-Vada Lodge gambling house and night club, where he gave the then unknown comedy duo Rowan and Martin the opportunity to open for Nat King Cole. He also owned Lewis’ Monte Carlo, which was adjacent to the Tahoe Biltmore, and ran various Hollywood nightclubs and liquor stores during the 1950’s, 60’s, and 70’s.
Helen Lewis was a well-respected member of the Los Angeles Lebanese community, and the matriarch of the Ghiz family, who immigrated to the United States from Zahle, Lebanon during the late 19th century. According to her obituary, when it came to their casino operations Joby ran the front of the house, while Helen handled the finances.
The home itself was designed and built in 1972 by Benton Park Candreva in the hills near Lake Encino. The 4 bed, 4 bath, 5,377 square foot home consists of two rotundas connected by a glass-enclosed walkway, with the two story rotunda containing the bedrooms and the one story rotunda containing the living areas, dining room, and kitchen. The rotundas feature floor-to-ceiling glass walls with 250 degree views of the hills, canyons and San Fernando Valley city lights.
The original period fixtures of the house are preserved, including chandeliers, brass sunburst doors, and rosewood throughout. The grounds include maids quarters and a three car garage.
The home is currently for sale starting at $2.9 million. Due to the unique features of this home and the fact that it still represents the 70's, it should be considered for a L.A Historical Cultural Monument to prevent this unique gem from ever being demolished like whats going on in Beverly Hills right now with the John Lautner's Shusett House. Call me crazy, old-fashioned, or plain stupid, but for some reason I like the look and feel of this house. It has an authentic appeal that you just cant find anymore. Sure, all the random colors and fixtures look outdated, but who cares, who said everything needs to look the same?

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