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What Happened to the Vans Shoe Store on Topanga Cyn Blvd in Canoga Park?

[Update May 2, 2013]: This building was demolished with no other news available at this time. Demolition pics can be viewed here. Also, it appears that this building was first built in 1970 (according to and I am assuming was a Vans Shoe store since the beginning.

[Original Post]:
I was driving around the hood (Topanga Cyn Blvd and Nordhoff) and noticed out of nowhere that the Vans Shoe store was shut down with all the signs removed and for lease signs up. This store was located at 9039 Topanga Cyn Blvd Canoga Park. I was shocked when I saw this because that store has been there at least since the 80's if not longer. I was always fascinated with this site because it truly stood out having its own dedicated building and was sort of in an odd location which was primarily industrial mixed with some residential. And going back to the 80's there was more undeveloped land at that time so it really stood out back then. I tried to find some history on this site but couldnt find anything. It would be interesting to know what number store it was, when was it first established, and any anecdotal stories to go with it. 

My guess is that like everything else thats been going on in the Valley, it was shut down due to online competition (including Vans itself) and the fact that there is a Vans store at the Topanga Mall. If anyone has any knowledge or stories, please share. I leave you with this Google street view shot (thank God for Google because I dont have any personal photos or couldnt find anything on the web) when Vans was open for business. 
Image courtesy Google Maps

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6 comments to ''What Happened to the Vans Shoe Store on Topanga Cyn Blvd in Canoga Park?"

  1. It was there in 1972. I remember buying shoes with my mom back then.

  2. we lived in simi and would shop there during the 70s

  3. It opened in 1968-69. Closed due to it's small size, lack of customers, it was broken into/held up multiple times a year, and the building needs a lot of repairs.

  4. I have a theory as to why it was where it was. (And I remember it being there from my childhood in the early '70s.)

    Perhaps the company guessed (correctly?) that surfers heading to the beach from The Valley and points north would pass by it on the very major street of Topanga Canyon Boulevard. There was also another one on Topanga, about a mile south of Ventura as you headed up into the canyon.

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