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Celebrity Real Estate: Eddie Murphy's Ex Sells in Calabasas For Big Loss

[Update: July 07, 2011]: According to the property records, this house sold for $5,515,000 on May 29, 2011 representing a loss of $1,985,000. I dont care who you are but that is a lot of money.

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Hot off the presses! According to Lauren Beale at LA Times Hot Property, Nicole Murphy, ex-wife of Eddie Murphy has just sold her home in Calabasas for close to the listed price of $5.95 million. The home measures 9,214 sqft with 6 Beds/7Baths including wet bar, wine cellar, theater, two three car garages, and a game room amongst other amenities. There is more to this story than what seems like a simple celebrity sale. This one is packed with drama that it belongs in a reality show. 

Lets start with the Calabasas house. According to Beale it sold for close to the listing price of $5.95 million. However, the listing shows $1. That is either one heck of a fat finger typo or someone is trying to hide something. At any rate, Murphy purchased this property in May 2006 for $7.5 million. Starting in 2007, she has been trying to sell it with a listing price at $9,995,000 which was later reduced to $8,495,000 in October 2007. She listed it again at $8,495,000 in April 2009. Then it was lowered to $6,950,00 in May of the same year. Then again in Dec 2010, it was listed for $5,950,000. Did you catch all that. Talk about chasing the market down! Assuming Beale is correct, this means that Murphy took a $1,550,000 hit. That is a huge hit not including commissions and other fees. Let me repeat, $1.5 million! The always hilarious Your Mama at the Realestalker covered her listing in October 2007 providing an excellent and thorough analysis as usual. I recommend reading that post if you get a chance.

So I was curious to know how Murphy could absorb such a big loss as well as her next move. I discovered that she got a one time $15 million dollar divorce settlement from Eddie which she apparently lost all of it by December 2010. But it seems she has moved on to better things, according to Wikipedia, she is engaged to NY Giants Football Star Michael Strahan who is currently an analyst for Fox NFL Sunday.  But this isnt any fairy tale relationship, from Wikipedia:
After his divorce in 2007, Strahan dated model Nicole Murphy, who was previously married to comedian Eddie Murphy. Strahan's tumultuous relationship with Nicole has been highlighted by the media due to reports of Nicole's alleged infidelity. Her alleged affair with A&R executive Demetrius Spencer was brought to media attention when Strahan allegedly implanted a covert GPS tracking device in her car. Strahan had previously used covert GPS tracking methods to expose his cheating ex wife Jean's infidelity in 2007. Exposed by the New York Post,[29] GPS experts at Lightning GPS [30] confirm that the GPS Tracker used gives the administrator the ability to remotely lock, unlock, start, and turn off a car, putting Strahan in complete control of Nicole Murphy's whereabouts, deemed by the New York Post[29] as Strahan's "Lock of Love." Strahan denies the allegation, and he and Murphy were engaged on May 22, 2009.[31]
In addition to the above, I just learned that Strahan bought Nicole a $180K Mercedes SLS last week. So take a $1.5 million hit and get a $180K Mercedes as a consolation gift. I need to marry an NFL star. Searching through property records, it appears that Nicole and Michael bought a house in Brentwood for $5 million in Nov. 2009 (see pic on left). Yes, its in both of their names.  

I was going to list the other celebrities that live near Murphy's former house in Calabasas but I have a headache with all of this drama. 

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