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Historical Sites
HCM = Historic Cultural Monument (2000 series denote Federally-designated sites)
NHL  = National Historic Landmark
CHL = California Historical Landmark

The list below was generated with the help of Wikipedia's List of Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monuments In The San Fernando Valley. The HCM lists consists of locations of historical and cultural significance that includes trees, homes, museums, railroad stations, parks, libraries, dance studios, restaurants, outdoor sites, religious sites, missions, post offices, and art sites to name a few. Some sites no longer exist, still exist but closed to the public, and still exist for the public during visiting hours. If any sites interest you, check the link for visitor information (if any). 

I listed the sites by order of the city and not by the year in which that site received historical designation. However, to view the sites in order by year of designation, click on the link at the bottom of the map, and scroll down to see a list of the historical sites, there are 84 of them. You can reset the map by clicking on San Fernando Valley Historical Cultural Monuments at the top in the map below.

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Leonis Adobe Museum  (HCM#1, NHL)

Canoga Park/West Hills
Shadow Ranch/Albert Workman Residence Shadow Ranch Park (HCM#9)

The Munch Box (HCM#750)

Encino Oak Tree (HCM#24, delisted)
Los Encinos State Historic Park (NHL, CHL# 689)

Granada Hills
Granada Hills 114 Deodar Trees (HCM#41)
Taft House and Landscaping (HCM#622)
Eichler Homes-Foster Residence (HCM#848)
Kramer House (HCM#933)

La Crescenta
The Serulnic House (HCM#740)

Mission Hills
Andres Pico Adobe (HCM#7 (2394), NHL, CHL#362)
Mission San Fernando Rey de Espana (HCM#23 (2355), NHL)
North Hills
Sepulveda Unitarian Universalist Society Sanctuary ("The Onion") (HCM#975)

North Hollywood
Campo De Cahuenga (HCM#29, NHL)
David Familian Chapel of Temple Adat Ari El (HCM#199)

Sherman Oaks
Tower of Wooden Pallets (HCM#184)
La Reina Theater  (HCM#290)
The Magnolia (HCM#293)
Chase Knolls Garden Apartments (HCM#683)
Ward House (HCM#718)
Harry J. Wolff House (HCM#828)

Studio City
Saint Saviours Chapel Harvard School (HCM# 32)
Laurelwood Apartments (HCM#228)
El Paradiso (HCM#638)
Gerst Residence (HCM#759)
Studio Theatre at the Denis Building (HCM#763)
Kallis House (HCM#860)
Roland E. Hill House (Studio City, HCM#917)
Lydecker Hilltop House (HCM#918)
Clarence G. Badger Residence (HCM#932)
Margaret and Harry Hay House (HCM#981)

Sun Valley
Stonehurst Recreation Center Building (HCM#172)
Stone House (HCM#644)
Stonehurst House (HCM#941)

Mission Wells and Settling Basin (HCM#50)
San Fernando Pioneer Memorial Cemetery (HCM#586, CHL#753)
First Los Angeles Aqueduct Cascades  (HCM#742)
Griffin Ranch (CHL#716)

Kaye Residence (HCM#952)

Bolton Hall Museum (HCM#2 (2329), NHL)
Blarney Castle (HCM#830)
Oak Glen Ranch (HCM#838)

Valley Village

Van Nuys
Van Nuys Woman's Club Building (HCM#201)
Valley Municipal Building (Van Nuys City Hall) (HCM#202)
Baird House (Volunteer League Community Center) (HCM#203)
Pacific Electric Picover Railway Station (HCM#405, delisted)
Van Nuys Branch Library (HCM#911 (2509), NHL)
Van Nuys Post Office Building (HCM#2517, delisted)

Woodland Hills

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