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Luxury Apts. Planned for Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse Formerly Tower Records in Warner Center

Image courtesy Google Maps
Image courtesy Bing Maps
I am about a month late reporting this one but the SFVBJ revealed back on Feb 18, 2016 that California Home Builders of Canoga Park purchased the property at 6263 Topanga Canyon Blvd (currently the home of Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse) for $27,880,000 on February 9, 2016 from PCQ Woodland Hills Topanga LLC which links back to El Segundo's Paragon Commercial Group. 

There are no specific details about the apartments aside for the planning of 300 units and common areas including a pool, barbeque pits, a rooftop lounge, and co-working office space. The new apartment building is in a prime location with walking distance to the new Village, the Topanga Plaza, the Orange Line, and other nearby shopping centers. 

The property also has addresses of 6325 and 6323 Topanga Canyon Blvd and 22010 Victory Blvd. I believe the property records include the office building next door but I dont believe this was part of this transaction. The building measures 28,433 sqft on a total lot size of 118,927 sqft built in 1966. 

Long time residents will remember this location as being the home of The Good Guys! (an electronics store before Best Buy) where I purchased many audio equipment and later became a Tower Records where I also purchased many records. I posted the only pics I could find below of these former sites including one postcard I own. 

Tower Records can be seen on the left. Image courtesy
You can see back of postcard here
Some may recognize the name California Home Builders who are active developers in the area who are currently building 90 homes at the former Rocketdyne Fitness Center at Roscoe and Fallbrook (which I blogged about here), 200 apartments at the former Panavision Office on De Soto, and a number of smaller projects throughout the SFV which can be seen here

You can view more SFV Architecture and R.E. here.

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4 comments to ''Luxury Apts. Planned for Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse Formerly Tower Records in Warner Center"

  1. Hey Marty - I don't think it was Adray's. Wasn't it Two Guys electronics or something like that?

    1. Hi Dean,

      You are right, I just remembered now, it was The Good Guys! with the exclamation mark. Adrays was on Topanga and Roscoe which is now Lowes. Thanks for the correction which I will make to the post.

  2. Ehhh I work in the building adjacent to this construction. Ugh it’s a nightmare cooking up. Like do we honestly need more apartments?ile these atreets are already surrounded with buildings that snuggle corporate office employees near by. Like i hate the smell of curry and now I’ll have it closer! Like honestly like so many homeless people park their cats and RVs here and so many sleep I’m the common areas around. Also I heard it will have two restaurant underneath... like really? Does it look like we need more restaurants? Like why don’t we call it the “Crowded Valley”
    or perhaps the Restaurant Village” ugh I hate that they covered our view! Damn LA building all kinds of cap apartments; luxury or crazy ghetto apartments it’s atill roach infested if you ask me. The valley is a shit hole.


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