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9 Single Family Homes Planned for Van Nuys Near 405 Freeway

Image courtesy Bing Maps
Image courtesy Google Maps
This latest development proposal is located at 7051 & 7061 Firmament Ave in Van Nuys near Sherman Way which literally backs up to the 405 Freeway. The proposal is a 9 unit single family home subdivision with 18 parking spaces but very little else on the details. 
The property at 7051 is a 22,991 sqft vacant lot while the property at 7061 is a 21,810 sqft lot with a 2 bed/1 bath 855 sqft home built in 1950. The combined property area is 1 acre which makes you wonder how are they going to fit 9 homes here and who wants to live next to the 405. 
At any rate, these two properties were sold on December 31, 2013 for $900,000 combined from Thomas Rainville to Firmament Village LLC. Thomas Rainville operates a Rain Gutter cleaning operation based in Sun Valley and also owns other properties in the SFV. Firmament Village LLC links back to Aaron Mensch of Granada Hills who is a real estate agent and also owns many properties in the SFV. 
I always like to look at the historical side of these properties that managed to remain empty for so long from my favorite website, (images shown below). It appears that I am wrong and a property used to exist on the vacant site going all the way up to 2005. Not sure what happened here but maybe a fire, termites, or something else took the fate of this location. And going back to 1947 before the 405 Freeway was built shows a wide open Van Nuys. 
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2 comments to ''9 Single Family Homes Planned for Van Nuys Near 405 Freeway"

  1. I live across the street from this lot. 13 units were originally planned for the site, but the neighbors are fighting tooth and nail against this project. The rezoning for 13 units was denied after a large showing at the public hearing. Another large showing is expected at the upcoming hearing.

    The original house burned down in 1982.

    1. Thanks for the info and keep up the good fight.


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