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28 SFH's Planned Near Marilyn Monroe's Demolished Valley Village Home

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I talked about this before when this project surfaced back on August 28, 2015 so this might be old news for some. But for others, this project is getting some serious legs as a hearing (see below) is scheduled for  March 29, 2016.

The project will demolish the following buildings in order to construct 28 single family homes  and 63 parking spaces with very little details on the size of the homes. 
  1. 12302 Weddington St. Built in 1931 on 10,540 sqft lot with 4 beds/2 baths on 2,182 sqft (2 units). Last sold by Christopher Barrett to UB Valley Village LLC on May 15, 2015 for $1,125,000.
  2. 12301 Weddington St. (also known as 5303 Hermitage & 5305 Hermitage). Built in 1934 on 15,930 sqft lot with 2 Beds/1 Bath on 1,738 sqft. Currently owned by the Edwards Living Trust. 
  3. 5261 Hermitage Ave (also known as 5263 Hermitage Ave). Built in 1935 on 7,804 sqft lot with 5 Beds/5 Baths on 5,103 sqft (3 units). Last sold by Barry and Dinah Gres to UB Valley Village LLC on May 15, 2015. (This property may or may not be included with this project; not entirely sure).
Currently there is a fight underway to stop this development being led by Jennifer Getz who filed a lawsuit on February 25, 2016 on the 12301 Weddington St property. Jennifer was also active in trying to save the Marilyn Monroe property across the street which was days away from being evaluated for historical designation before the owner decided to demolish over the weekend. There is also the activist website, It will be interesting to see what happens with this fight as it could possibly set new precedents for SFV development. 

You can view more SFV Architecture and Real Estate here.

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1 comment to ''28 SFH's Planned Near Marilyn Monroe's Demolished Valley Village Home"

  1. I no longer live in the valley, but I did grow up in that area. I am so happy to see that people are fighting for these great little neighborhoods. It's so sad to see them disappear one by one. After watching NH get completely leveled, I must admit I don't see a lot of hope, but I do wish you the best of luck. These developers are a bunch of greedy crooks. Meanwhile the homeless rate in LA goes up and up


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