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My Presentation to the Canoga-Owensmouth Historical Society

Back on October 14, 2015, I was asked by the fine folks at the Canoga-Owensmouth Historical Society to deliver a presentation about Canoga Park which is titled Location Stalking Canoga Park's Cultural & Historical Impact based on content from the blog as well as others that also found notable locations including Delta Bravo Urban Exlporation Team and the West San Fernando Valley Then and Now Facebook group. 

Essentially, the presentation is a collection of postcards, filming locations, celebrity real estate, historical locations, and current real estate development which are the main topics on my blog. With these topics, I explained how I believe some of these locations has had a cultural and/or historical impact that many can relate to. The presentation does not include the verbal portion so some of it might be hard to understand as it just the visual portion. 

Hope you enjoy it. The presentation is shown below but depending on where you receive this post, your viewer might not support Scribd and you might need to visit the blog page to view it.

You can view more SFV History here.  

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Marty Mcfly

Anything and everything about the San Fernando Valley. This blog will take you back in time when the valley was covered with dirt and orange groves to a leader in the space race to its current status as America's suburb. Come along and join me on this adventure, I guarantee you have been influenced/impacted by the San Fernando Valley in one form or another even if you have never visited or heard of the SFV.

1 comment to ''My Presentation to the Canoga-Owensmouth Historical Society"

  1. Wow! What a great collection of images & local history — great job!


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