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Filming Locations: Loverboy (1989)

Loverboy is a 1989 American comedy film starring Patrick DempseyKirstie Alley, and Carrie Fisher.

Thanks to the site, 90210 Filming Locations, for finding most of these locations already. Please visit them also for the L.A. locations. 

You can view more SFV Filming Locations here

Randy's family home at 4146 Vicasa Drive Calabasas CA. I believe the interior was also used but let me know if I am wrong. 

This is not a filming location but back when Kirstie Alley was skinny.

Randy delivers Pizza that was an actual order for Pizza and almost gets caught with his pants downat 4180 Vicasa Drive Calabasas Ca.

The wife of the bodybuilder, Monica, was located at 10010 Toluca Lake Avenue Toluca Lake, CA. This home was originally built in 1937 by director Norman McLeod according the LA Daily Mirror. However, the front of the house appears to have undergone some sort of renovation. The home is currently owned by Gerald Stoffers known for a Mexican home furnishings import business.

Randy narrowly escapes a pizza delivery from his mom located at the now Super 8 Canoga Park motel at 7631 Topanga Canyon Blvd Canoga Park CA.

Somewhere possibly looking over the SFV on Mulholland Drive. 

And the movie trailer:

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  1. I noticed watching it today in 2021 the hotel scenes with Barbara Carerra looks like The Embassy Suites at Oxnard Beach an hour north of the SFV im Ventura County. I'd bet om it. I live close by to it.


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