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Former LA Times Printing Plant in Chatsworth To Be Redeveloped in Massive Mixed Use Project

While this news may not be a surprise for some as this project has been communicated quietly to the community for more than a year by Urbanize LA (Jan 31, 2014), KFA Los Angeles (Feb 28, 2014), Urbanize LA (Dec 8, 2014), Bisnow (Dec 10, 2014),  and SFVBJ (Jan 9, 2015) amongst others, it appears that the project is gaining serious traction and an official hearing with the planning commission is scheduled for April 28, 2015 (see bottom of the post). 

The former LA Times printing press opened in 1983 when this part of the Valley had abundant parcels of land available. Previously this site was farm land for I believe strawberries. But with the decline in the paper industry due to the rise of the internet and printing efficiency, the plant closed back in 2005 and was sold to Van Nuys based toy manufacturer, MGA, on October 31, 2006 for an undisclosed amount resulting in the loss of 110 jobs. 

Today, MGA wants to redevelop this location by:
  1. Transforming the LA Times building into MGA's corporate headquarters and light industrial uses.
  2. Adding 700 rental housing units over 4 main buildings.
  3. Adding recreational campus amenities throughout the site.
  4. Adding 14,000 sqft for retail and restaurant use.
  5. Adding four airspace lots (I believe this is open park space)
  6. Providing 1,467 parking spaces.
All, I can is WOW! I will let the pictures speak for themselves below. Sounds like its time for Valley Relics to save the LA Times sign.

You can view more SFV Architecture and R.E. here.

Historical image from 1972 showing farm land.
Historical image showing 1980 with property slowly being subdivided. 

Images courtesy, Biznow, and Urbanize LA (here and here)

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