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Tupac Shakur's Former Calabasas/Woodland Hills Rental and also Former DJ Lethal Home

Image courtesy Bing Maps
4730 Azucena Road (or Drive) Woodland Hills (but commonly referred to as Calabasas in the media). The home measures 6 Beds/5 Baths on 5,895 sqft on a total lot size of 1 acre built in 1995. When Tupac was released from jail on October 12, 1995,  Suge Knight (link for SFV and other homes) and Death Row Records made an agreement with 2Pac to create 3 albums in exchange for the $1.4 million bail. There were other benefits included in the agreement such as Knight setting up Tupac in the Woodland Hills (Calabasas) rental. Tupac did not own the property when he died at the age of 25 on September 13, 1996 but was in escrow to purchase according to a January 6, 2000 LA Times article

At the time of the rental, the property was owned by George and Stacy Shakiban who purchased on August 10, 1994 for $250,000 which I believe was a land purchase. They later sold to David Weiner on May 16, 1997 for $920,000. The property sold two years later to Leor Dimant best known as DJ Lethal from Limp Bizkit and House of Pain (thanks to Danny Boy O'Connor for the tip) on December 28, 1999 for $1,200,000. Dimant later sold to current owner Deanna Jacobsen on May 7, 2003 for $1,275,000. (Dimant later moved to a Studio City/Hollywood Hills home on Lankershim Blvd that was purchased for $1,350,000 on September 1, 2005 and later sold at a foreclosure auction on July 16, 2010 for $715,400 and might possibly be living in his mom's Encino home today).

For the brief time that Tupac was living there, it was a frat party house best described in the quote below from a March 1997 Vanity Fair article: 
Their (referring to 2Pac and his girlfriend Kidada Jones) house—a Death Row-leased estate in suburban Calabasas—was always crowded. Afeni (2Pac's mom) and Sekyiwa (2Pac's sister) visited for long stretches, bringing Sekyiwa’s two little girls with them. The Outlawz—Tupac’s teenage cousins—were also in residence, along with any friend who needed a bed. Tupac completed the dorm atmosphere by installing banks of video games and slot machines. The boys were free to use them as long as they turned up for Tupac’s fatherly talks delivered beneath his most prized possession, a print his mother gave him of The Starry Night. In truth, he didn’t own much else. Though Tupac had sold more than $60 million in records since his release, by the label’s reckoning, he owed Death Row $4.9 million. All those services Suge had been providing—including the bail money—had been charged to Tupac’s account. Word on the street was that millions more had gone to the Mob. Not the M.O.B.—“Members of Bloods”—on Suge’s diamond ring, but the New York family that went by the name Genovese. (Knight’s lawyer responds: “Suge wouldn’t know a member of the Genovese crime family if he tripped over him.”) All Pac knew was that he wanted out. “He was sick of the game,” says one of the intimates he confided in. “He was exhausted playing the gangster role.”
You can also view pics and videos of the home below:

Top left is 2Pacs cars and bottom right are the Outlaws. Image courtesy
2Pac loved Sunkist hanging out at the home. Image courtesy 

You can read about West Coast Gangsta Rap influence in the SFV in a 2 part post titled "Straight Outta West SFV" with Part A focusing on Can-Am Recorders studio in Tarzana which later became the home of Death Row Records. and Part B explores the possible role that the West SFV had on West Coast Gangsta Rap.  

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