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Filming Locations: The Men (1950)

The Men is a 1950 film directed by Fred Zinnemann. It tells the story of a World War II lieutenant, who is seriously injured in combat, and the struggles he faces as he attempts to re-enter society. It stars Marlon Brando in his feature film debut, Teresa Wright, and Everett Sloane. The movie was written by Carl Foreman who had previously scripted Champion and Home of the BraveAlthough not a commercial success, this film was notable for being Marlon Brando’s movie debut (Wikipedia).
The Men was shot entirely at the Birmingham Army hospital in Van Nuys which later became Birmingham high school located at 17000 Hayes Street Van Nuys. This was verified by IMDB and Life Magazine. Additionally, Life Magazine recently published never before seen images of Marlon Brando behind the scenes on set as he was preparing for this role. The film utilized 45 actual paraplegics from Birmingham hospital. 
One side note, this was Brando's first film which made him an instant star due to his great performance. He previously owned a Sherman Oaks home while his main home was up on Mulholland Highway. 
IMDB also mentioned that John Ford's ranch in Reseda was used for the swimming pool scenes which unfortunately doesnt show much. Ford's Ranch was named Field Photo Farm became a social club and drinking establishment for Ford's friends including paraplegics from nearby Birmingham Army Hospital. The Ranch was located at 18201 Calvert Street which unsurprisingly is filled with tract homes today. 
Since both the Hospital and Ranch dont exist today, it was hard to know which was which so I grabbed as many relevant screenshots as possible. However, below is a postcard of the hospital to give you an idea.
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Not sure if these locations were in the SFV but wanted to include them anyway because they looked cool.  

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