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1940's West Hills Farmhouse to be Demolished for 20 Single Family Homes

Images courtesy Bing Maps (top) and Google Maps (bottom).
Rear view from Ponce Ave. Image courtesy Google Maps
Hot off the presses from the Department of City Planning is a proposal to demolish a 1940's West Hills farmhouse located at 22720 Vanowen Street to build 20 single family homes ranging from 2,654 sqf to 3,234 sqft. These will all be 2 story homes with a projected cost of $600K to $700K. The original plan called for 40 homes so this is a nice reductiong. Additionally, there will be a 6,176 sqft lot for private recreation which is a nice gift from the developer seeing how these homes will barely have a backyard (sarcasm). Its not like they cant cross the street to the Shadow Ranch park or the Fallbrook Mall. The images below show the concept drawings of the new development. 

Above images courtesy Ed Crowe West Hills Neighborhood Council Facebook
This home measures 4 Beds/2 Baths on 2,194 sqft on a total lot size of 2.4 acres built in 1946. I believe this property was formerly an egg breeding operation but not entirely sure so looking for confirmation or correction from the community. It is currently owned by Trudy Presser of Lafayette, CA who inherited from Paul and Cecile Glasner. Paul passed away on October 31, 2011 of lung cancer and his wife Cecile is still currently around but not in the best health. The Glasners purchased this property on November 1984 for $122K. 
After the demolition of this property, I think the last private residential plot resembling anything like the old farming days in West Hills yet to be subdivided is the Saticoy and Woodlake property. There is obviously the Orcutt Ranch which has been protected and I believe everything else has been transformed into tract homes. Somehow the folks at Survey LA missed this property on their list which is quite surprising unless I missed something. To see similar examples of farm life nearby, Winnetka was built on the Charles Weeks Colony concept with a handful of original properties still remaining as discussed in a BTTF post. Its amazing to see the development in this area over time as shown from favorite website,, you can also see the Fallbrook mall and Shadow Ranch park. 

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1 comment to ''1940's West Hills Farmhouse to be Demolished for 20 Single Family Homes"

  1. I live near there, so I've been wondering what they were planning to build on that property. Thanks for the info!


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