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4 Story 80-unit Hotel Coming to Victory Blvd in North Hollywod

Top image courtesy Google Maps, lower image courtesy Bing Maps
The latest development news is the planning of a 4 story 80-unit hotel on a 37,919 sqft lot at 12425 Victory Blvd in North Hollywood near the intersection of Whitsett Avenue. This news is surprising on two different fronts with the fact that there has been little to no new hotel developments in the SFV in the past couple of years (to the best of my knowledge) and its location is unique which is decent walking distance from the languishing Valley Plaza after you make the trek under the 170 Freeway. 

This property is split into two zones with the left side of the property measuring 6,893 sqft with a building zoned for restaurant use at 1,056 sqft built in 1971 which is located at 12409 Victory Blvd. The second portion of the property measures 28,854 sqft with a building measuring 1,906 sqft built in 1969 located at 12409 Victory Blvd. Both properties were sold on October 31, 2013 for $3,125,000 to SiRRR LLC with a mailing address at 10688 Riverside Drive Toluca Lake CA 91602. A search into this address doesnt reveal much so I am wondering if this is being built by a large hotel chain or a smaller operation. 

There is no historical significance to this location so I have no objections but I wonder how the new owner-operator feels about the just passed law to increase the minimum wage for hotel workers in LA to $15. The other minor significance to this location for the filming location fanatics like myself is that the first Lethal Weapon was filmed across the street from this location where the old Kinney Shoes store can be seen. 

You can view the Planning Commission notice below.

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