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Filming Locations: Earth Girls Are Easy (1988)

Earth Girls Are Easy is a 1988 American musical comedy film directed by Julien Temple and stars Geena DavisJulie BrownJim CarreyDamon Wayans, and Jeff Goldblum. The plot is based on the song "Earth Girls Are Easy" from Julie Brown's 1984 mini-album Goddess In Progress.

The film begins with three furry aliens Wiploc (red alien, played by Carrey), Zeebo (yellow alien, played by Wayans) and Mac (blue alien, played by Goldblum) traveling in a space ship. It's been a long time since they've had female companionship and they receive a broadcast showing human females. They are titillated by these "hairless", shapely creatures and discover that the broadcast came from Earth, so they set off toward Earth and southern California. Valerie Gail (Davis) is a valley girl manicurist who works for the "Curl Up & Dye" hair salon.....(Wikipedia). 

Aside from being a Valley based film, there were many real life Valley connections in this film starting with the writer, producer, and actress, Julie Brown who was born in Van Nuys. She attended an Catholic elementary school (probably in Van Nuys), Van Nuys High School, and Valley College. Her career was based on making fun of the Valley as described in this LA Times article published on February 8, 1990 titled, Valley Girl Is Only One Sade of Julie Brown

Also, the director, Julien Temple, who is not from the Valley but ended up directing many music videos of people from the Valley like Tom Petty's Free Fallin' and Janet Jackson in addition to directing numerous music videos. 

You can also read a good review of the film at

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The discovery of the SFV locations was already found at the site which also includes LA locations so thanks to that website for sharing. 

The home belonging to Valerie and Dr. Ted is located at 19625 Bryant Street, Northridge, CA 91324. The movie starts with an aerial view showing parts of the SFV specifically Northridge with the Northridge mall seen in the background. You can also see a Lucky's supermarket that no longer exists and is replaced by a Office Depot. 

Briefly cruising down Van Nuys Blvd at the intersection of Vanowen Blvd in Van Nuys.  

I am not sure where this Tiny Naylors restaurant was located but wanted to share it since it appeared in the film.  

Although not from the SFV, the original Johnies Broiler at 7447 Firestone Blvd Downey Blvd that was illegally demolished in 2007 but has been restored since. 

The former Studio City Theatre at 12136 Ventura Blvd Studio City CA 91604 which at the time of filming was showing the James Bond film, The Living Daylights. This movie theatre no longer exists and is now a bookstore but fortunately the facade and ticket booth remain. 

The scene where the aliens hanging out with Woody at the 76 gas station and car wash takes place at the corner of Laurel Canyon and Ventura Blvds. This site no longer exists along with Tiny Naylors that was demolished to make way for a mini-mall. The only thing that remains is the giant steel support structure which is at a Pick-U-Parts in Sun Valley. You can see close up pics here and here as well as an LA Times article about preservationists trying to save the car wash titled, Should a Studio City Carwash Be Preserved as a Cultural Monument on June 25, 1989. 

Driving by the Circus Liquor at 5600 Vineland Avenue North Hollywood CA 91601 which was also featured in Clueless and Alpha Dog

The Our Lady of The Valley hospital was filmed at Olive View-UCLA Medical Center at 14445 Olive View Dr Sylmar CA 91342. The irony here is that there is a Our Lady of the Valley Church and School in Canoga Park which I attended as a child. 

The Cadillac shaped building at 19611 Ventura Blvd Tarzana CA 91356.

Lastly, the DVD has a bonus feature that I have no idea why but shows a TV set with commercials of fake Valley based businesses but uses 818 numbers as well as some of the Valley streets. Very strange and cool at the same time. 

And the trailer:

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