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Filming Locations: 40 Year-Old-Virgin (2005)

The 40-Year-Old Virgin is a 2005 American romantic comedy film co-written and directed by Judd Apatow. The film, about a middle-aged man's journey to finally have sex, was co-written by its lead star, Steve Carell, though the film itself features a great deal of improvised dialogue. The film was released theatrically in North America on August 19, 2005 and was released on region 1 DVD on December 13, 2005 (Wikipedia).

The locations for this film have already been found at the wonderful filming location websites below. This post would not be possible without their excellent research so please check them out and support their cause. 
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  3. Tom Hoffarth Flickr Page
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Andy Stitzer's home is located at 12012 Moorpark Street Studio City CA 91604.

Smart Tech Electonrics where Andy works is located at 17401 Ventura Blvd Encino CA 91316 at the Encino Courtyard. 

A sexually frustrated Andy runs away from the bus at the corner of Ventura and Balboa Blvd at the Encino Park in Encino which is actually in between Paso Robles Avenue and Genesta Avenue. 

The accident with Andy and Nicky (Leslie Mann) occurs at Mecca Avenue and Reseda Blvd at Mecca Avenue Park in Tarzana. 

Trish's (Catherine Keener) We Sell Your Stuff On eBay store is located at 17412 Ventura Blvd Encino CA 91316 which is directly across the street from Smart Tech. 

Trish's home is located at 4433 Cartwright Avenue Toluca Lake 91602.

The speed dating scene was filmed at the Bistro Garden 12950 Ventura Blvd Studio City CA 91604.

Trish and Andy's first date was filmed at Benihana 16226 Ventura Blvd Encino CA 91436.

Trish and Andy's second date was filmed at Delmonico's Lobster House 16358 Ventura Blvd Encino CA 91436. 

The bike accident scene where Andy finally confesses his virginity to Trish was filmed on Ventura Place just north of Ventura and Laurel Canyon Blvd in Studio City. 

And the movie trailer:

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