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James Cagney Ranch Update with Slideshow and Article (BTTF# 17a)

Back in June 2013, I received an email from Rick Miseroy regarding the James Cagney Ranch in Granada Hills who explored that area as a teenager in the 70's and again in the 80's. Coincidentally, Rick also had an interest in photography at that time and captured some amazing photos of the area prior to major development took place marking the entire area unrecognizable to its original roots today. 

I too have been fascinated with this site that I wrote a blog post about it capturing what I can find mostly on the internet and some books back in March 2013 which can be found here which is what prompted Rick to contact me to share our research (mostly his). I feel extremely fortunate to have been contacted by Rick who pointed out some errors in that post and even provided some documentation and more amazing photos which is shown below (note: you may not be able to view the Scribd documents if viewing outside of the blogger webpage such as email, RSS feeds, mobile, etc.). Rick has become somewhat of an expert in regards to the James Cagney ranch and his hard work and dedication to preserve this area's history is well commended.  

Enjoy the slide slow and article from Rick below including some additional photos at the bottom of the ranch and main home. You can view my original blog post on this topic with more historical photographs here

Bull Canyon Slideshow by SFValleyblog (actually Rick Miseroy)

Bull Canyon Meadows by SFValleyblog (actually Rick Miseroy)

Below are three additional photos provided by Rick:

Aerial view of the Sunshine Ranch. This was probably taken in the 1920s. This picture is facing north. The street that runs from the lower right to about the middle left of the picture is Rinaldi St. Somewhere near the middle of Rinaldi you'll see a street that runs perpendicular to it with a bunch of buildings. This street is Shoshone. The street that intersects Shoshone at an angle is Mayerling. If you follow Mayerling all the way back you can barely make out the green water tank at the end of Zelzah. At the corner of Shoshone and Mayerling you can see the orange grove where St. Eurphasia Church now stands. If you follow Shoshone up a little farther you can see Highwater Road and the green water tank on it. If you look just to the left of Rinaldi and Shoshone you can see a large white building which was the ranch house. It was torn down just a few years ago. Just behind and to the left of the house you can see the letters SR, for Sunshine Ranch, in the hillside. Continuing to the left of the ranch house on Rinaldi you can see White Oak going south. It looks like a white line.
Image courtesy Rick Miseroy
Sunshine Ranch, this picture is looking north from about San Fernando Mission between Shoshone and White Oak. I don't know if you can see it but the SR letters are barely visible on the hillside in the middle of the picture. And in the background of course is an undisturbed Mission Peak.

Image courtesy Rick Miseroy
Aerial photo of old Granada Hills.Chatsworth St is the main street going from left to right.Rinaldi is the street at the top od the photo going from left to right. The 3 main streets going from top to bottom are Zelzah on the left, then White Oak and then Louise Ave.

Image courtesy Rick Miseroy
Below are images of the main home between 1986 -1988 provided by Rick Miseroy. 

Below are images of the main home of the ranch from 2013. I didnt disturb the residents so these are the best shots that I can get. 

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3 comments to ''James Cagney Ranch Update with Slideshow and Article (BTTF# 17a)"

  1. Thanks so much for all this documentation of the Cagney Ranch. During 2006-2007, I hired a part-time caregiver for my parents. (We lived on Pala Mesa Drive above Rinaldi and Wilbur.) Melinda grew up on The Mocking Bird Hill Ranch in the 1950's, owned by her parents on Zelzah Street from 1938 until some time in the 1990's. Sadly it was sold to developers and no longer exists. I always knew Mr. Cagney's ranch was somewhere near there, and that Janet Gaynor and Adrian owned a ranch in the Valley, but was unclear on where. Now, thanks to you, I have more details.

  2. I live in the house next door on Bull Cyn and I am friends with the owner there. Don't know if he would allow you in, but if you want to message me on Facebook, look me up. Sue Weinsoff Hendricks...

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