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Animated Film Turbo is set in the San Fernando Valley

Turbo is an animated film by Dreamworks released on July 19 which was directed by David Soren. I have yet to see this movie but I have been dying in anxiety as I believe it might be the first animated film to use the SFV as a backdrop. Somebody please correct me if I am wrong.

I am a big fan of the movies, TV shows, and commercials where the SFV is a critical part of the film  just because the SFV was recognized in some way which might not make sense. This is why I have a page dedicated to Filming Locations to highlight those films shot in the SFV especially when the SFV becomes the basis for that film or show. And I am still working on adding more films to the list as time becomes available. 

The latest entrant to this list is Turbo which the LA Times article, 'Turbo' is a Racing Snail From the Streets of the San Fernando Valley by Rebecca Keegan published on July 17, 2013, does a great job capturing what makes the the SFV special and unique. Here are some quotes from that article that suggests why:
Soren, 40, who is directing his first feature, originally pitched "Turbo" as "'Fast and Furious' with snails" at DreamWorks Animation 10 years ago. But it wasn't until years later, when some snails took over the tomato plants in his Sherman Oaks yard, that he started to work on the story.
Soren set the film in the Valley for both narrative and visual reasons — the region's rich car culture and its distinctive look. He drew inspiration from sites like Henry's Tacos, the midcentury North Hollywood taco stand that moved earlier this year to the consternation of its many fans, and a dumpy strip mall he'd pass in Encino while driving his daughter to preschool.
Turbo's home yard is authentically Valley-specific, down to the type of garbage cans in the driveway and the style of the house number painted on the curb.
 "I've always been obsessed with everyday stuff, the day-to-day visual pollution out there," he said. "The flatness of the Valley, the hills in the background, the smog — I immediately spot the beauty in that. And the taco trucks and taco stands, they're so iconic and charming and cool."
"Living in the San Fernando Valley, I had an affinity for this area," Soren said. "You don't have to fantasize much beyond the front yard."
I hope I get some time to see this film in the coming days or weeks and stay tuned for the filming locations post on this film when it becomes available on DVD in about 6 months.

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