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Woodland Hills Homeowners File Lawsuit over Westfield Topanga Village

From the Daily News, Woodland Hills Homeowners File Suit Over Village at Westfield, talks about the Woodland Hills Homeowners Organization (WHHO) protest of the Village at Westfield Topanga over concerns that the Costco and gas station violate the Warner Center Specific Plan by encouraging car use. I expressed those same concerns back on March 1 under the post, The Village at Westfield Topanga....Hang Onto Your Hats, so its good to know that a leader has emerged to challenge this development. Consequently, the WHHO will lose its membership from the Woodland Hills Chamber Of Commerce. This reminds me of kids fighting.

Also adding to the traffic nightmare is another apartment complex planned for the Panavison facility. The only good news from that story is that Panavision is relocating down the street so we dont lose high-quality jobs. However, the traffic concerns are starting to mount. 

Back to the Village story:
Originally, Westfield planned to include condominiums in the development but downsized the project after the real estate market crashed and replacing the residences with the Costco.
That angered the Woodland Hills Homeowners Organization, which questioned opening a big box store in the neighborhood, and sought more urban buildings to encourage pedestrian activity as outlined in the Warner Center Specific Plan.
The typical Costco shopper buys in bulk, according to the suit.
"Buyers will not be able to transport the merchandise purchased at Costco by foot, bicycle, or transit," the suit says.
Things are starting to get exciting. Good luck to the WHHO. 

By the way, the Westfield Company has provided the Museum of the San Fernando Valley with retail space to display their artifacts and collections which is a nice gesture considering that they couldnt rent out that space. However, they want to add more shops to the Village. Go figure!

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