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Rocketdyne Santa Susana Field Laboratory Still Contains High Level of Radiation

I have already talked about this before and this shouldnt be a surprise for most Valley residents but the Rocketdyne facility between the Chatsworth and Simi Hills contain radioactive chemicals that are 1000 times higher than standards according to a new report by the LA Daily News. Big shocker here. I already talked about this here and here. Maybe this will help explain the mischievous kids in the West Valley
Courtesy USC Digital Library: Photograph of a view of the Rocketdyne Field Laboratory in the Santa Monica Mountains, [s.d.]. The laboratory is set into a large valley and consists of several large metal structures. Two tall metal scaffolding structures with cranes on top can be seen, while several tanks can be seen on the rocky ground. A collection of relatively small buildings can be seen in the shadow of a large rock at center. The tops of several mountains are visible in the distance.
Courtesy USC Digital Library: Photograph of "Battleship" tanks, which simulate the configuration of an atlas ICBM, feeding propellants to the engine being test fired, ca.1955. In the left, a large tower can be seen exposing five platforms with staircases, pipes and a rail surrounding each one. Its highest point is formed by a cylinder-shaped machinery(?) with two circular balconies surrounding its top area. In the left, by the bottom of the tower, different tones of smoke (steam?) are being ejected from the tower¿s pipes and from underneath it.

In the right foreground, the curve of a paved street is noticeable showing a small cabin made out of concrete; a rail delineates the street and a pipe extends along. A rocky mountainside fills in the backdrop.

Photoprint reads: "Battleship" tanks, which simulate the configuration of an Atlas ICBM, feed propellants to the engine being test fired at Rocketdyne's propulsion field laboratory in the Santa Susana Mountains. Stands like the one shown are capable of withstanding one million pounds' thrust, transmitting the enormous power of the Rocketdyne liquid propellant engines deep into bedrock."
Courtesy LAPL Photo Collection: "Huge 24-wheel trailer moves slowly up Santa Susana Pass to test site where Rocketdyne's Saturn S-II missile will eventually be loaded for trip later this year out of mountains to Cape Kennedy Fla. Today's trip was a test run to see if the huge carrier could maneuver the twisting road." Photograph dated: Jan. 27, 1965. 

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