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Welcome to the Back To The Future (BTTF) Series Page!

The goal of this series like you may have seen in Then And Now books is to show how a location, site, place, etc from the past has changed when compared to today. This should be a lot of fun as this may get those faded memory cells thinking again about a location that affected your life back in the day. Obviously this isnt for the children, but nonetheless, great for exploring and learning which is open to all.

Below is an index of the sites discussed so far. If you see something missing or have a tip, hit me up at

Back To The Future (BTTF) Series:
1. Clem Ruh Chevrolet 21100 Shermany Way Canoga Park 
2. Valley Music Theatre (60s-70s), Jehovah's Witness Assembly Hall (80s - 2004)
5. The Promenade Mall at Woodland Hills

8. Partying With Gun's N Roses In Canoga Park's Rumbo Recorder
9. Tower of Wooden Pallets, 15357 Magnolia Blvd. Sherman Oaks Historical Cultural Monument# 184 (site of)
10. The Piano Shaped Pool in Sherman Oaks by the Great Liberace
11. One Acre and Independence in Promising Winnetka: The Charles Weeks Colony Story
12. Edward Everett Horton's Encino Ranch Estate and the 101 Freeway; How A Celebrity Lost His Ranch to Suburanization
13. Encino Velodrome
14. Drive-In Theatres of the San Fernando Valley
15. Melody Land In Northridge; The Elvis Presley Mini Graceland Tribute by Impersonator Danny Uwnawich
16. Josef Von Sternberg House by Richard Neutra
18. The Jue Joe Ranch on Vanowen Street in Van Nuys Now Van Nuys Tennis Ranch
20. Reseda's Filmation Studios and A Tribute to Louis Scheimer, The Legend Behind Saturday Morning Cartoons
21. Andy Devine's Gravel Flats Ranch in Van Nuys
22. Searching for Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz's Desilu Ranch in Chatsworth
22a. Was Chatsworth's Desilu Ranch Designed by Noted Architect, Paul Williams?
23. Redken Laboratories in Canoga Park later turned to Ray-Art Studios and a Tribute to founder Paula Kent Meehan
24.  Barry Minkow's ZZZZ Best Carpet Cleaning Based in Reseda: The SFV Version of a Ponzi Scheme
25. Irv Robbins (from Baskin-Robbins 31 Flavors) Ice Cream Cone Shaped Pool in Encino
26. The Chatsworth Ranch That Broke Hollywood's Femme Fatale Veronica Lake 

28. Star Trek's Leonard Nimoy was a Pet Store Owner and Apartment Landlord in the SFV

29. Toto's Van Nuys Garage that Created Musical Legends and A Small Tribute to Mike Porcaro
30. Michael Hutchence's North Hollywood Home Before Becoming INXS' Lead Singer
Below are other stories of historical significance that were not featured in a Back to the Future series post:
World's First Partial Nuclear Meltdown in the San Fernando Valley
Dont Raise Your Kids In The West Valley: A Retrospective Review of Young Adult Crime In The West Valley
The Air Raid Sirens of the San Fernando Valley
General Motors Futureliner Parade of Progress Spotted in Canoga Park
Cinderella Homes of the San Fernando Valley
Richard Neutra in the San Fernando Valley
A List of SFV Sites Closing in 2012
Exploring Sage Ranch and What Remains of Rocketdyne's Santa Susana Field Laboratory
A Naked and Burning Richard Pryor Running Down Parthenia Street
A Bus Tour of Rocketdyne on June 29, 2013
Automotive Filming Needs Fulfilled in the San Fernando Valley
Historic Rocketdyne Engine Moves Down The Street to Nordhoff and De Soto
Lyle and Erik Menendezes Former Family Calabasas Home Is Available (Not The Home Where They Murdered Their Parents)

A List of SFV Sites and People Lost in 2013
Another National Tragedy with SFV Origins, Elliott Rodger of Woodland Hills/West Hills Kills 6 College Students

The Former Home of Pink Panther's Henry Mancini in Northridge
A List of SFV Sites and People Lost in 2014
A Hiking Tour of Rocketdyne Santa Susana Field Laboratory on April 25, 2015
Sun Valley's U-Pick Parts Closing Down January 1st; Hollywood's Preferred Junkyard
My Presentation to the Canoga-Owensmouth Historical Society on October 14, 2015

Remembering 2015's Places and People Lost in the SFV