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Celeb R.E. Chris Brown Vacating Agoura Hills/Calabasas Rental?

Brown image courtesy Wikipedia/Eva Rinaldi
The Chris Brown rental in the outskirts of the SFV in the Agoura Hills/Calabasas area popped up on the market on May 24, 2015 for either $4.2 million or lease at $16,500. Not sure if Brown already left or is in the process of moving out with a few day left to the end of the month. Brown first rented this party pad sometime in July 2014 for $15,500 which was discussed in detail here including pics

After barely one year of living in the home, all it took was some crazy girl to break into his house, make a mess in the kitchen, spray paint "I Love You" on the kitchen counter, spray paint "Mrs. Brown" on his Rolls Royce and Range Rover, and lie naked in his bed awaiting his return from Las Vegas to convince Brown to make some drastic changes. TMZ later followed up with a report that Brown was going to beef up security. I guess that plan didnt pan out. Not sure where Brown is heading to next. My guess is that its going to be a home in a gated community.

The property last sold in November 2005 for $2,875,000 to blues singer Melvin Eddy which received a notice of default back in July 2011 for $56,941.07 but was later canceled. Eddy lives down the street but in Malibu and has been trying to sell this home since 2008. 

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