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Former Mid Century Modern Church in Canoga Park Plans Changed to 77 Single Family Homes

Ugh!! The former Reginald F. Inwood designed Mid Century Modern church which is already demolished and originally planned for 132 condo units has been changed to 77 small lot single family dwellings. The property is located at 20600 Roscoe Blvd Canoga Park which was previously home to the Filipino International Christian Church  The hearing shown below is scheduled for April 21, 2015 but it doesnt matter because the damage has been done. 

The property was described as a significant historical property by the fine folks at Survey LA but it didnt matter. The only thing remaining is a 500 year old oak tree which I have no idea for its fate but I imagine the developers would at least save that. 

You can read more about the church including pictures of its former self here as well as the after (demolition) pics here

You can view more SFV Architecture and Real Estate here

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1 comment to ''Former Mid Century Modern Church in Canoga Park Plans Changed to 77 Single Family Homes"

  1. Looks like there isn't a lot going on, on site right now. There's a lot of grass growing:


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